10 Things That Only The People Living In The North Of S’Pore Can Relate To


Living in the north of Singapore, you would always be thinking can I just stay at home, or Do I have direct bus? Are you staying in the north?

Here are the 10 things that all the Singaporeans living in the north could relate to!


1. Bus trip

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Many of us would always have long bus trips to other sides of Singapore in our respective bus interchanges such as Bishan, Woodlands, Ang Mo Kio and Yishun. Even if we have to travel as far as Tampines, many will travel to Woodlands and take bus 168 instead of taking the train.

This applies the same for other long distance buses in the north because, #toofarfortrain.

2. Going to Johor Bahru

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Staying in the north means one thing and one thing only: the closest to Johor Bahru.

Most would have many impromptu trips to Johor Bahru or even go into JB to purchase similar goods but at a cheaper price.

Oh, and exclusive tip: You can pay $5 for a 5-minute trip to the Sultan Iskandar Complex Customs from Woodlands CIQ by KTM Train! This means that you can skip the horrifyingly packed traffic jams at the checkpoint.

But ensure that you’re on time because they have different train arrival and departure times.

3. Dreading to leave the house when your friends are at the other sides of S’pore

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“There got any direct bus or not? No?” I’m sure most of you relate to this. There are times when your friends would ask to meet in other parts of Singapore. Sometimes, you’ll pretend you’re busy with other things.

4. Good food are mostly in the north

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What we north people can brag about is how near the good food is to us –  ranging from prata to the various Chinese food that is catered at Sembawang. In fact, it is also easy to get to these authentic places for food.


5. The loooooong distance between Khatib MRT Station and Yio Chu Kang MRT Station

Image: sbr.com.sg

Yes, the loooooong distance in between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT Stations will cause us to dread even more. It was rumoured that the long distance was made to make way for a Disneyland in Singapore but the government and Disney could not come out with a feasible and workable theme park.

6. Pasar Malam

Image: sg.theasianparent.com

The best and ultimate thing about being a north person is that pasar malam is ALWAYS everywhere. If it’s not next to Causeway Point, it will be next to Yishun MRT Station. And if it’s not either there, it will be at Ang Mo Kio or Khatib.

And pasar malam means FOOD. Thus, we north people are pretty much pampered with good food scattered everywhere.

7. Going to the Zoo/River Safari/Night Safari

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Being a north person also means that we are closer to meeting the animals in Singapore! It is so near that if we take a cab, it would be about $10++ depending on where you board from. Also, whenever these attractions have special offers, we would also plan a day and go with family and friends because it is way too near to miss out!

8. The Malls in The North

Image: valore.sg

Have you been to Causeway Point? Sun Plaza? Northpoint? Sembawang Shopping Centre? How about Junction 8 and AMK Hub? Just by staying in the north, we tend to visit these malls more than once to the point we roughly know where various or specific shops are located at.

9. Getting lost easily

We will get lost easily when we set foot in the east or west. Why? Because even though we are still in Singapore, everything feels extremely foreign. We would get amazed by how other places have to offer and compare it to what the north has, like how the tourists do it.

10. Woodlands Waterfront

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We would constantly bring our friends to go to Woodlands Waterfront to lepak and enjoy the lovely breeze there. Also, they have a playground and you’ll see many youths and teenagers trying to conquer it. And sometimes, you will get data roaming messages from Malaysia. Why? Because across the waterfront is Malaysia itself!

Featured Image: valore.sg

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com