10 Things We All Really Miss About Windows XP


Last Updated on 2016-11-15 , 6:25 pm

Windows XP was old but gold. It holds a very special place in most of our hearts as it’s probably the operating system that’s on our first desktop. So here’s some things we really miss about our old companion–way before Andriod or iOS invaded us.

It has been around for more than a decade
Windows XP first launched back in August 2001, so that explains why most of us grew up using this system. Everything nostalgic, for some reason, is just plain good.

User friendly
Back then, whenever our parents/grandparents wanted to use the desktop to play the good old game of solitaire, it was easy for them to find the desktop application on the operating system. Try getting your non-tech savvy parents/grandparents to play games on the latest operating system. By the way, it’s not a default application that’s found in the latest system, so you have to go to the app store and download it.

Oh, by the way, when I first started using Windows 8, I couldn’t even figure out how to shut down the computer #truestory

Game compatibility
When we wanted to play games, be it online games or CD games, we have to check for the compatibility. Windows XP is always compatible with the hot games that your friends are playing. So there’s no fuss on your operating systems not being compatible.

It’s not only for personal use
Even businesses have adopted using Windows XP and found it to be extremely reliable as the system has been around for more than a decade and it rarely has major issues.

The speed that Windows XP process is something we all miss. We don’t find launching or running of applications back then to be as laggy as it could be on some of the newer operating systems.

New Technology
What’s that? Core 2 Duo? 64-bit processing? SLI graphics? Oh, XP has been doing that for ages now.

Remember when some of us wanted to customize our desktop to meet our gaming needs? It was amazingly easy with Windows XP. Half of the time Windows XP already has the drivers. Video cards, case mods it’s all possible.

Software updates
Who remembers how frequently you’d have to update your Windows XP back then? No one. It did not require so frequent updates as compared to the current systems we are using. Oh, the long hours of updating we have to go through now…

Application support
Whatever application you need back then; it will surely have a version that supports Windows XP.

Ease of finding the software
We are not condoning using pirated version of anything but back then when we reformat our desktops there is a chance where your OS needs to be reinstalled. Since sometimes, the PC we bought did not come with the OS, we could simply download it or get it from a friend through a CD. Even if we have to buy the OS, it was cheaper than the latest OS in the market now – waaaaaay cheaper.

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