10 Things Students in the 90s Did Between Lessons When There Were No Smartphones


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Secondary school days will probably always be our fondest memories; even after graduating for three years, I’ll always remember the things I did during my secondary school days.

They are moments where we just want to have a little fun, where breaking the rules ignite a certain pleasure in us.

So to all our dear post-secondary school kids, here are 10 shits you will always remember you committed.

And to those still in secondary school: are you guilty of doing any of these…just yesterday?

Rush from table to table

We all know annoying it can be when our teachers reprimand us whenever we try to speak to our friends during the class. So the moment they step out of the classroom, that is the only time we got to say everything that we want to say to our friends. And we all know that that short period of time is never enough to talk to our hearts’ content.

But I’ve got to admit that teachers are smart: they seem to know how to plan our seats so that our BFFs are never just beside us.



You know that juicy piece of news that we read last night? Or the unexpected couple that suddenly got together overnight? We feel the anticipation, excitement and the absolutely need to tell your best friend ASAP. And the minute the teacher walks out, all hell breaks loose.

Join tables

Especially if the next period is a relief period, we would try to join tables in hopes that the relief teacher would assume that the layout of the class was supposed to be like that. Ah, good old days when we rather stay close with our friends instead of avoid them.

Copy last night’s homework

Let’s be real, doing homework right after school is probably the hardest thing to do. But not doing them will result in either being scolded, getting detention or both. And neither of which sounds appealing. So you do the best you can.

You copy… from your friend. Those seven minutes of waiting time are all you need to bust out your best copying skills. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is illegible, what matters is that there is something written on those books.

And the best “copier” is one who ensures that you miss a “the” or “that”, so it won’t look so suspiciously familiar to the teacher.


No secondary school kid can say that they have sufficient sleep. No way. After having back-to-back classes, sometimes we just need a few seconds of shuteye.

Wait till they enter the working life, they’ll then understand what “sufficient sleep” really means.

Delay going to classes

For my school, we had a system where every class is in a different location, so we are unable to stay in the same classroom. And it’s during this time of walking that we’ll take our own sweet time.

We would delay leaving the previous class by pretending we have questions to ask, so the teacher would have no choice but to give us an excuse letter. Or we would feign a stomachache, and get our friends to tell the next teacher.

Even if all we can be excused for are 10 minutes, that’s more than enough. One period = 30 minutes, 10 minutes = 1/3 of period le!

Using your phones

Well, that’s a definite no-brainer. Most of us would have probably have experienced our teachers scolding us for using our phone in class. And some people even got their phones confiscated.

The only time we actually get to pull our phone out and scroll through our social media is when waiting for the arrival of the next teacher, or when we are walking to the next class. Even so, being careful is key. As being caught by any other teacher may result in the same consequences.

Of course, some school require students to keep their phones in a locker #thankgodnotmyschool

Snacking is key

You’ve a 30-minute break after having classes back-to-back all morning? How could anyone survive with no food in between? And every secondary school kid would have at least tried smuggling food into class and munching on them while the teacher is not looking. I know I have.


Running to the canteen

Well, if we did not manage to grab food during canteen due to the never-ending queue, running to grab them in between classes are our only time. So during that short 7 minutes, we become award-winning athletes and do the fastest sprint we can to the canteen and back. And we just pray and hope that no one catches us. If anything, we say that we have to collect stuff.

And trust me, the canteen vendors DGAF. They’re always on the student’s side.

Going to the toilet

Well… This is obvious. We do need to pee, and shit, and take selfies. And some teachers just refuse to allow us to go to their toilet during their class.

I mean, do they want us to let our bladders loose during their class? It’s the best excuse to leave the class.

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