10 Things That Cause Smelly Feet Especially in a Country as Hot as S’pore

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You’ve been going through this almost your entire life. You reach home and you reach down to remove your shoes. Before you do, you take in a deep breath and keep your mouth shut.

You remove your shoes with Flash-like speed and stand up. The stink starts rushing upwards and you’re running out of breath at the same time. Too bad, that first whiff of stank just hit you. And you feel like reeling over.

This is what’s causing your feet to stink like smelly fish.

1. You’re Not Wearing Socks

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How can you even think about stepping out in your shoes sans socks? You’ve gotta be crazy.

2. You Don’t Moisturise Your Feet

Yes, your feet and toes need some love too.

3. You Don’t Go For Pedicures

The treatment is more than just a fancy name, guys. You get your feet scrubbed, filed and cleaned too. When you’re done, you’ll be looking at an entirely new version of your footsies.

Image: ebemobile.ca
Image: ebemobile.ca

4. About Cutting Your Toe Nails

Don’t leave them long, as you can get small bits of dirt trapped right beneath your nails. Here’s a video on how to cut your nails like a pedicurist.

5. You Drink

There’s apparently a link between alcohol and smelly feet, so you might want to put that glass of vodka down.

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

6. Hygiene and Your Feet

It’s necessary to wash your feet with soap and water every day. If you don’t your feet will smell.

Image: hswstatic.com
Image: hswstatic.com

7. Your Shoes Are In Use For Too Long

Maybe it’s time to throw that pair of 3-year-old sneakers.

Image: cmapspublic.ihmc.us
Image: cmapspublic.ihmc.us

8. You Don’t Wash Your Shoes

Your shoes deserve to be cleaned at least once a week, as it soaks up all the odour and sweat from your feet.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

9. Your Feet Are Damp

If you feel your feet are getting damp, take some time to wipe them dry before putting on a pair of shoes. Not only would it prevent foot rot, it’ll prevent smell, too.

Image: sweating.com
Image: sweating.com

10. You’ve Not Treated Your Cracked Heels

Your cracked heels trap dirt and grime from wherever you walk barefoot, and it transfers everything into a potpourri of smelliness in your shoes. Get it checked, ASAP.

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