10 Things to Do While in Taiwan That You Should Not Miss

Last Updated on 2022-10-22 , 5:56 pm

Taiwan is a fantastic place to visit. In fact, it surprises its visitors in many ways; from the nature of its people to the various knick-knacks you can find just by walking around on the streets.

If you are planning to visit Taiwan, here are the 10 things to do and places to go during your trip. If you don’t, you’ve kind of wasted your trip!

Check out Taiwan’s version of Santorini at Jiu Fen Old Street

Image: trip.com

You’d be able to have a traditional tea session while you admire the views of the seas and mountains. If tea is not your thing, there are plenty of restaurants that offer a variety of good food too!

Eat Egg Pudding That’s in the Shell Itself

Image: oddviser.com

Egg pudding is awesome on its own. How about one that you eat from a shell? Sounds egg-citing right?

Get a Cup of Milk Tea

Image: danielfooddiary.com

If you’re a milk tea lover, then the Shilin Night Market is the place to go. It has really good stalls serving up fantastic cups of milk tea with flavors that can satisfy your imagination and your tastebuds. Feeling adventurous? Partner up your cup of milk tea with a small plate of stinky tofu, which is also popular here.

Drop by the Longshan Temple

Image: justgola.com

There are so many temples to see in Taiwan, but the biggest temple attraction has got to be this one. The temple is more than 350 years of age and is the praying ground for Daoist followers.

Brush Up On Your Local History at the Presidential Office

Image: wikimedia.org

This historical structure also serves place serves as the government center. The Presidential Office was built by the Japanese when they occupied Taiwan a century ago, and it was made with European architectural features.

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Look at the Treasures

Image: dpm.org

The National Palace Museum displays some of the finest historical treasures of China. While the exhibit pieces here are priceless, the entrance fee is amazingly cheap.

Step into the Past at Lin an Tai Historical House

Image: taiwannatravel.com

Head over here and you’ll feel like you just stepped off a time machine. The peaceful ponds, octagon-shaped windows, and red brick walls will make you reach your inner chi, feel the zen, and appreciate how people live in the past.

Go Hiking at the Yangmingshan National Park

Image: travelpediaonline.com

The view of the mountains in Taiwan is truly one of a kind. There’s no better place to take a closer look at them other than Yangmingshan National Park. Drop by during March and experience the cherry blossoms in all their beauty!

Soak in the Sights of the Beitou Hot Springs

Image: nickkembel.com

These natural hot springs are relaxing and also believed to cure aches and pains. You could take your shoes off at any time and wade in!

Make Taiwanese friends

This isn’t exactly commonplace advice, but Taiwanese people are known for their friendly nature and kind hospitality, and definitely great friends to be with. And when we say friends, we mean actual friends. Not just the ones you added on Facebook and forget they even existed.

Exchange contacts, keep in touch, and the next time you’re in Taiwan, you’ll have someone bring you around to the latest and most “worth it” places to eat and shop, and to meet their friends too. Some might even get you to forego hotels and just stay at their homes.

Of course, do the same when they come to Singapore and we dare say you have made a friend for life.

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