10 Things To Look Forward To at Artbox 2018, The Overcrowded Hipsters’ Paradise


If you were on Instagram last year, you’d have probably realised that everyone who is anyone was at Artbox, from local personalities to your friends, colleagues and even you!

That’s where basically everyone in Singapore went to take some of their quirky, hipster Instagram pictures.

Image: tnp.sg

To be honest, it was a little bit annoying wading through crowds of people ALL on their phones stopping in the middle of everywhere to take that aesthetic picture. Anyone feel me?

But if we are being honest, it was an AWESOME event (despite the crowds), which is why if you haven’t heard already, get ready to jump around in glee.

Because ARTBOX 2018 is happening!

That’s right!

It’s happening and it’s happening soon, so lean in closer and let us tell you 10 things about this year’s Artbox so that you are absolutely well-prepared.

1. Location, location, location

Image: flickr.com

Artbox 2018 will be held at the Bayfront Event Space on 25-27 May, and 1-3 June.

Yes, it’s during the school holidays and they are all weekends, so, unfortunately, it will be crowded.

But take comfort in the fact that 25th May and 1st June are Fridays, which means they are workdays!

So you could probably head down early and skip the after-work crowd. But you will be joining the school-holidays crowd. Well, pick your poison!

2. The Biggest There Ever Was

Artbox 2018 will be a whopping THREE TIMES bigger than last year.

Can you believe it?! Like what even!

Well, hopefully with bigger space comes lesser crowd #justsaying

It will be the largest creative market in Singapore to date. And this is the reason it will be located at the Bayfront Event Space this year. Because it spans over 140,000 square feet! (It was only 50,000 square feet last year).

Artbox 2018 will have over 400 vendors from both Thailand and Singapore, completely spoiling you rotten with choice!


3. Come Prepared For All Kinds of Weather

And by this, I don’t mean bring an umbrella because the event will be crowded enough.

Take this as a PSA: invest in a raincoat that will give you good protection from the rain.

And bring along a hat in case it is really sunny.

For those who attended the festival last year, I’m sure memories of the throngs of people haunt you still.

This is why bringing an umbrella is not a smart idea. It will be crowded enough without umbrellas getting in the way of people.


Raincoats. Hats. Let me just leave this out there.

Oh wait, no. Let me show you some evidence. This is the weather forecast from Accuweather on those days:

Image: accuweather.com
Image: accuweather.com
Image: accuweather.com

There would be rain on every single day.

While you can’t deny that weather forecast always predict a rain every single day, I’ll really suggest some umbrellas. If not, it’ll be romantic.

4. Live Performances

This atas pasar malam will have live performances again this year, together with a bigger lounge/chillout spot!

Image: scape.sg

So fret not if you get tired halfway and need to sit down.


Or if you feel like you just want to unwind away from all the stores with an ice cold beer, fairy lights, and some good vibes music.

The infamous Chang beer will be served ice cold close to the lounge area, and while we don’t promise lounging will get you away from the crowds, we will say that you will get a chance to rest your tired legs, refresh yourself and immerse in some pretty rad music by local bands!

5. Cereal Citizen

Yep, you heard right! Cereal Citizen will be one of the must-visit vendors at Artbox 2018.

For those who have never heard of it, Cereal Citizen is a VERY pretty, aesthetically appeInstagramstagram-worthy dessert based on sweet breakfast cereal!

Image: eatbook.sg

It is also an explosion of sugar. If you are like me and have a major sweet tooth, this is right up your alley. 


Also, do yourself a favour and get a Crododo.

Sounds funny, hey?

Image: tidbitsmag.com

Crododos are cronuts with toppings! You can choose between savoury and sweet (just get the sweet one, haha, it’s meant to be a dessert food, cmon!). 

You should also try the Crododo with milkshake! A handcrafted milkshake topped off with a big delicious cronut and cereal? I think yes. 

And do you know that it’s founded by popular influencers bongqiuqiu, pxdkitty and Carolyn?

6. Waan Cha

Any Thai event is absolutely incomplete without the VVIP – Thai Milk Tea!

This applies to Artbox as well.

Image: explodingbelly.com

And this year, it’s nothing but the best for you guys as Waan Cha is one of the main vendors selling popular Thai drinks like the traditional thai milk tea, green tea, pink milk tea (perfect for all those unicorns Instagram feeds out there), and thai coffee!


Get a drink from Waancha to cool off from the heat of the crowds!

7. Soi 47 

It would be quite strange for Artbox not to have Thai food, being a Thai event and all!

One of the notable vendors selling delicious Thai food would be Soi 47!

Lucky us!

Image: hungrygowhere.com

Their food is consistently delicious, flavourful and affordable! So if you’re hungry and looking for a more substantial meal, make your way down to this vendor!

8. The M Plot

This is another stall that you must visit while at Artbox 2018!

This is going to seriously make your Instagram feed really freakin’ pretty. 

Bet you’re wondering now what The M Plot sells…well, they sell…


This is undeniably one of the prettiest, classiest desserts out there if done right!

Image: themplot.com

And c’mon, who are we kidding.

The M Plot does macarons really freakin’ right!

Not only are they Instagram aesthetic goals kind of food, they are also downright delicious.

Little bites of sugary heaven!

They’ve got a whole range of unique, beautifully balanced flavours that it’s really hard to pick a favourite!

Although if you twisted my arm, I’ll tell you my favourite is the GREEN TEA x RED BEAN macaron!

9. Porky Studio

For all the home decor fanatics out there, this is what dreams are made of! Right out of Bangkok, Porky Studio boasts a huge variety of homeware goods!

Image: Porky Studio Facebook Page

And they are all beautifully carved out of wood.

Most of their designs have little animals on them, making their items perfect for anyone with a cutesy aesthetic!

10. Simple Area

Now it can be a little strange to think of shopping for clothes at Artbox when we know that most people go there for food, drinks and the general aesthetic.

But, if there is one thing that is common among all Singaporeans, it would be that we are all constantly hunting for that perfect basic tee to pair with anything and everything.

Comfortable and stylish, this ideal basic tee will be a wardrobe staple that takes away the pain of choosing presentable outfits on those lazy days.

Or days when you are just in a rush.

Simple Area would be the place to go for that perfect basic tee! And they have a stall at Artbox 2018!

Image: picbear.club

They are comfortable, well fitted, throw-on-and-go kind of tee that comes in a whole range of colours, so pick yours up this year at Artbox!!

And there you go! 10 things about Artbox 2018 that you now know so you can be well-prepared to have the best Instagram feed!

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