10 Things to Put or Remove in a Bedroom for a ‘Huat’ Life


Last Updated on 2021-11-22 , 12:41 pm

The bedroom is the best place to go to almost at any time of the day. Sleepyheads and tired-out professionals are definitely nodding their heads at this.

However, it is not just a place for sleeping. Your bedroom can also be a place where you attract wealth if you know what to put in it and what to remove.

Here are 10 simple things you can put or remove in your bedroom to HUAT!

1. Remove Clutter

Wealth is a neat freak. It does not like clutter.

If your bedroom or house is cluttered with things, it is bad for wealth creation as clutter symbolises getting struck.

Not only do you feel frustrated looking at the clutter, it also affects the attraction of wealth.

2. Create Open Space

If your bedroom is small (if you do not owe a resale flat or condo, your bedroom is small), consider buying the appropriate furniture to ensure ample open space for your bedroom.

Wealth loves open space, and a bedroom or house which does not have enough open space is pushing away wealth.

Opt for a queen size bed instead of a king, or build a smaller cupboard to make way for the baby cot in the room.

3. Decorate your bedroom in red, purple or green

The colours may not be the best to work with when it comes to interior design, but they are useful if you want to have wealth.

For example, get a red armchair in the bedroom, or red curtains. Perhaps you can have a green ottoman if you are not a fan of red.

Alternatively, opt to have a light purplish shade for the colour of the room. The possibilities are endless.

4. Put some gold items in the bedroom

Ladies, it is easy to keep some of your gold jewellery in the bedroom.

You don’t have to hide them in safes and cupboard if you know you are wearing them the next day. Leaving them out in the open when you are not wearing these jewelleries can be a good idea.

Alternatively, decorate the bedroom with some gold picture frames – as long as they suit the overall decoration.


5. Increase positive energy

If your bedroom is looking dull, put in something fun to make increase positive energy. It can be a decorative cushion, a plushie or even a photo of you and your spouse doing something silly.

The idea is to make the room looks happy.

6. Remove mirrors in front of the bed

Some people like to put mirrors in front of the bed where they sleep. Remove it. It is not only bad for the person/persons using the bed (superstition says that it can trap your soul); it also drains the wealth of the person/persons.

7. Repair leaking taps in the connecting bathroom

If you have a connecting bathroom in the bedroom, make sure you repair leaking taps as soon as you notice them.

The water lost is considered as money lost, both in the real sense and in feng shui.


8. Remove stagnant water

If you happen to have stagnant water in your bedroom or connecting bathroom, remove them will do you a wealth of good.

Stagnant water represents stagnant wealth, and it is not something you will want to hang around in your bedroom. Besides, it breeds mosquitoes too!

9. Arrange your bed in the “correct” order

It is important to have double in the bedroom in order to attract wealth. Hence, you should have a 2 bed stands on either side of your bed even if you are single.

Try not to push the bed to the wall, but instead, ensure it is in the middle so that you can approach the bed from both sides easily.

10. Put crystals in your bedroom

You can also buy energy crystals to put in the bedroom to increase positive and sensual energy as they are a symbol of abundance and good health. An entry-level crystal can be a clear quartz or rose quartz.

If you are happy to spend more, an amethyst or pyrite crystal can be purchased too!


Featured Image: alexandre zveiger / Shutterstock.com