10 Things You Must Not Do When You’ve a Minor Car Accident in S’pore

Last Updated on 2022-07-15 , 4:05 pm

We are not teaching you to push away any responsibility, especially when you’re obviously at fault.

But sometimes, when you meet a minor car accident and the lines are not drawn clearly on whose fault it belongs to, these are the things you should not do or say in order to save your ass or to prevent further complications.

Never say sorry
Because once you apologise, you’re admitting that you do play a part in whatever damage you have caused the other party. It can also be used as an admission of guilt that can be used against you later.

Don’t blame the other party
Because you are just creating more problems for yourself if you’re really the one at fault.

Don’t curse
Cursing only shows how bad you are at managing your anger. Rather than cursing, check on how the other party is and whether they are hurt. Be considerate and the other party might just forget about the damage even if it’s your fault.

Don’t forget to take a picture
A picture speaks a thousand words. You won’t know when it will come in handy if any pieces of evidence are required from your insurance company.

Don’t accept the other party’s private settlement if it is too expensive
Sometimes, the other party might take the chance to jack up the prices of repairs – to the point that it might seem really absurd. To prevent this from happening, do double check with your workshop for the correct prices or get the victim to repair his car at your workshop instead. Or at least get an estimate by checking online.

Don’t forget to write down everything in black and white for your private settlement
When it comes to money, it is always better to pen things down in black and white to avoid further confusion or fraud. You can even download a private settlement form from income.com.sg so you won’t have to craft the whole letter out by yourself.

Don’t forget to call your insurance company
It is important to check with the insurance company about the standard procedures even for private settlements of accidents.

Don’t quarrel with the other party
No one is happy when such accidents happen, so there is no point quarrelling with the other party to make matters worse.

Don’t stand in the middle of the road
Shift your vehicles to the side of the road when any minor accidents occur so as not to delay the traffic, and also for your own safety.

Don’t start the engine unless you’re sure it’s not faulty
It is always important to make sure that your engine is not faulty before starting the engine so as to prevent further damages from occurring to your car.