10 thoughts only girls who eat anything and everything will understand and feel


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:30 am

Food is love, food is life. For girls who just can’t say no to food, here are some common thoughts you’d most probably have.

“Will this make my ass fat?”
The answer is probably yes to junk food, chocolate, fried food…but whatever. A girl who loves to eat will chomp it down anyway and worry about it later.

“Ok I’m going to work out…after this one last bite”
For those who are very concerned over their weight and physique, the lingering thought of having to work out is almost gone after you sink your teeth into food. Oh glorious food.

Your lipstick runs out twice quickly than normal girls
Because you eat so much, whatever you’ve painted on your lips will be gone by the time you finish your snack or meal when you’re out. There is always the need to reapply your lipstick after eating. You probably have a huge stash of lipsticks at home.

“What should I eat later?”
For girls who love to eat and eat, sometimes, it’s a bit impossible to focus on what you are doing at the current moment. All you can think of is eating, and what to eat for the next meal.

“PMS Dammit”
You blame PMS for making you have insane late night cravings and perpetually empty stomachs. You use this excuse to eat. Girl, your body demands food, so give it food.

#Foodporn #foodsg #whatiatetoday
If these are your top 3 hashtags on social media, you know you’re foodie that can’t stop eating, and boasting about what you’re eating on the internet. You also use filters for food, and your boyfriend almost always have to wait for five minutes after the food arrives before he can get started.

Going out with your boyfriend, you’re the one who demand for desserts after a meal. You might even eat more than your boyfriend, and you are the one who dragged him around in the quest for your true #1 bae: food. Food is love, food will never break up with you.

You think working in the F&B sector is just right for you
Many girls these days are looking at starting up cute cafes, bakeries, salad bars etc. Well that happens when you have true love for food, and food is your passion! Strive for your goals! It’s an excuse to eat too.

“I’m damn thankful for my metabolism”
For some girls who doesn’t seem to gain weight as they gorge themselves on food, the world is probably jealous of you. It might be a result of wise food options or you’re just blessed that way. Either way, there’s no way you’re going to stop eating.


You’re 24/7 hungry
The only time you’re not hungry is right after a meal. After an hour or two, your stomach starts making weird noises. Again.

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