10 thoughts only people who live in Bishan for a long time would feel


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There’s a Cafe in a Church
Little known to many people, there is a cafe operating in a Church, and it is open to the general public! The Living Room at Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church has received good reviews for its affordable and tasty food as well as the cosy ambience that comes with it being in a neighbourhood area rather than an industrial one. Conveniently located at 4 Bishan Street 13, it is accessible by bus 410g, 2 stops after the interchange, so why not pop by for a quick and satisfying meal!

Bus 410G or 410W
410 is a feeder service that operates in a loop, starting and ending at Bishan Interchange. For those who might not be living in the estate, it is easy to get confused by which bus to take, whereas those that live in Bishan are much more familiar.

For example, if you wish to go to Bishan Stadium, it’s the first stop on the bus 410W route but the last one on the bus 410G route. Do be careful and check the service routes on the TransitLink website to prevent unnecessary travel time!

Kallang Park Connector
While most people visit Bishan Park for a jog, few people know that there is actually a quieter path to jog along the Kallang Park Connector, next to Bishan Park. All you have to do is follow the canal to a road, cross it, and congratulations! You have discovered a much more peaceful area for your jogging session, with exercise equipment located around the place. Most of the people here are residents of the nearby blocks, which makes it quieter and more conducive.

So many schools.
Living in Bishan probably means having to visit Junction 8 AT LEAST once a week, and one thing that’s striking is the sheer number of students from different schools present. From Kuo Chuan to Guangyang to SJI to RI, it would be impossible to name all the schools represented in j8, and living in Bishan makes one used to the diversity (and crowd) that can be found in the mall.

School Zones
With many schools in Bishan, traffic around those areas can be rather slow and frustrating when you’re trying to get to a place quickly. A few stops journey can take 20 minutes during peak hour in the morning when everyone is going to school, whereas the same trip takes 10 minutes after peak hour. Since bus stops are relatively close, try walking a little more to a bus stop out of school zones for a quicker journey and less crowded bus!


Bishan Cafeteria
Most people that visit j8 tend to eat at the fast food joints or the food court, but living in Bishan means there are only so many times you can eat there before getting sick of the food. Above the Bus Interchange, there is a coffee-shop called Bishan Cafeteria and the Chinese Mixed Rice food is great. Do drop by and give it a try!

Bishan North Shopping Mall
The hawker centre at Bishan North shopping mall, located in a residential estate, serves up delicious well-known food such as fried carrot cake and peanut pancakes. At night, a popular kway chap stall opens and attracts tons of people, old and young. There is even a wet market! Since it caters more to residents, non-residents do not know much of it, but you will definitely not regret making a trip down here, plus it is easily accessible by bus.

Cemetery Ground
The current Bishan estate was built on burial grounds, which has given rise to many speculations amongst the superstitious and concerns by residents. However, despite staying here for the longest times, I have never heard of a single supernatural incident from neither my family nor fellow residents. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it a little more time. Touch wood.

Overwhelming Accessibility
Although Bishan is technically not known as Central, it enjoys extremely convenient accessibility to other places via MRT with the Circle and North-South Line! Jurong East and Marina Bay are less than 10 MRT stops away, Punggol a mere 7 stops, Harbourfront 11 stops and Changi Airport only 12 stops!


Bishan Active Park
When thinking of exercising in Bishan, most people would think of either Bishan Park or Bishan Stadium. However, we have a Bishan Active Park equipped with ball-game courts, fitness equipment  and even a volleyball court! If you’re looking for a new workout spot, give this place at Bishan St 23 a go!

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