10 Tips to Avoid Being Robbed in JB


As Singaporeans, we are always on the lookout for cheap purchases especially for our daily necessities. This would explain why whenever we are free, we would most likely be making a trip down to Johor Bahru to get our groceries or just to go for some cheap foods.

However, we sometimes tend to forget that JB is not the same as Singapore when it comes to safety. We would tend to get complacent and neglect some daily actions of ours which can put ourselves at risk of being robbed while we are in JB. So here are some tips (or reminders) for you guys to avoid being robbed while in JB!

Don’t take shortcuts
We all know that time equals to money and the fact that we do not have all day in JB tempted us to take any shortcuts that are available. But taking shortcut would mean having to cut through dark, quiet allies in a quiet neighbourhood. We all know nothing good ever comes out from taking a short cut in a quiet ally. So to prevent anything bad happening to you, avoid taking shortcuts!

Don’t showcase your wealth
Nothing screams ‘rob me’ when you wear all those branded stuff on you while you’re in JB. Even in Singapore, we have cases of aunties being robbed of their jewellery, so what makes you think that you’re safe in JB wearing all that stuff on you?

Don’t share your location on social media
Nowadays we all love to update our social media on where we are from time to time; especially we are overseas. However, by doing so you are basically giving the robbers your location so that they will know when and where to strike because nothing on the internet is private you see.

Always be alert
Always keep a lookout on your surroundings to see if there are any suspicious person or vehicle following you around.

Don’t carry a sling bag
Ladies, please do not carry all your valuables in a small sling bag. A sling bag’s straps are easily cut off by robbers due to how slim the strap of the bag is.

Do not keep any valuables in your car
As you all may know, car robberies in JB aren’t rare. The moment they spot something valuable – your laptop, cashcard or handbag in your car, they will not hesitate to break the car window open and take it, even when you’ve parked in a crowded place.


Turn the steering wheel all the way to the side
By doing so, would keep the wheels on your car at a position where it’s not easy for syndicates/robbers to tow away your vehicle. If you want an added security you can add a steering wheel lock as well.

Always keep your car doors locked when there is no one in the car
In Singapore, when we are pumping petrol, we tend to just leave the doors unlocked and go make payment. Try this in JB and chances are you may not see your car when you return from making payment.

Park your vehicles in well-lit areas
Try to park your vehicles in well-lit areas or in parking spaces where there is security. If you’re going for a meal in coffeeshop, park your vehicle in an open area where you have a good view of your vehicle from where you will be.

Visit JB and leave JB while the sun is still up
As not every single part of JB is well lit like Singapore; being in dark areas are more likely for robbers to strike as our vision is affected by the lack of light. So try to go JB after sunrise and leave before the sun sets. This is to avoid the crazy jams at customs as well.

All in all, we must exercise vigilance while we are in any foreign countries–not justr JB. Stay safe guys!

Featured image: Shutterstock / mozakim

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