10 Tips to Ensure a Safe Hotel Stay in Any Country


You’ve just planned the trip of the year with your BFFs. Things are pretty exciting, except for the small niggling fact that you’re in an unknown place and feel the constant need to be on the lookout for pick-pockets and snatch thieves.

It’s completely understandable. In fact, if you think about it, the one place you think you can possibly leave your guard down is the hotel.

No can do.

You’ll have to be on you’re A-game at all times, and this means being vigilant during your hotel stay too. Here are 10 tips you might find handy while you’re hanging out in the hotel!

Keep a Constant Eye On Your Bags

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Yes, this starts from the time you reach the reception desk. There’s going to be tons of people walking up and about, and you’ll be busy filling up a form and paying the room deposit. Ensure your luggage is always within reach!

Sure, You Can Use the Bellhop, But…

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Well, if you’re using the services of the bellhop, ensure it’s the actual staff you’re working with and not an imposter without a uniform. Always get a tag for your baggage with the number of bags noted down on it.

Keep The Hotel’s Business Cards With You

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This comes in handy, simply because if there’s an emergency and you lose your belongings (keep the card on your person ya), you’ll have an address to show as proof of where you’re lodging at. It is also helpful if you’re lost and need to find the way back to the hotel.

Put in A Request for a Room That’s Not on the Ground Floor

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Thieves tend to pick the ground floor the most to hit, so you’ll limit your chances of getting robbed simply by asking for a higher floor. Unless, that is, Spider-man changed his job.


Lock Up Your Essentials

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Keep all your jewelry, cash and ID in the safe deposit box so you know it’s safe while you sleep at night. And if they don’t have one at your room…

Use the Front Desk Safe Deposit Box

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If your room doesn’t come with its own personal lock and key safe, there’s almost definitely one at the reception desk. Get yours and secure your items there. But as usual, if possible, keep the most important things with you instead.

Lock Everything When You Step Out

Yes, including the sliding doors, windows and duh, the front door! Do look out for openings that didn’t look like one, or a window that is hidden behind something.

Prevent Credit Card Fraud

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There are some simple steps you can do to ensure this. For one, check that you’ve been handed back the same card you gave when your transaction is completed. You don’t want to find you’ve had multiple unknown bills charged to you when you’re back from your holiday now, right?

Keep the Door Ajar When There’s Hotel Staff Within Your Room

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Yes, this will keep you from any unexpected accusations of improper behaviour or anything else. Being blackmailed isn’t what you’d want. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious!

Check Your Room Before Moving In Completely

The door for its deadbolts and locks especially, and the safety deposit box if there’s one in your room. Just check it like how you check out girls / guys.

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