10 tips to take the best passport picture, because you’re sick of people laughing at your IC

Whenever we need to renew our passports, we get a headache–taking passport pictures. It seems that we would forever take a crappy picture and then regret it for the next 5 years. How can we take a good passport picture? Read on to find out the 10 tips you can use to take the best passport picture. (Guys, just skip those related to make up.)

Soft Hair
Take time to do your hair properly. Do not feel pressured by the photographer who waits for you patiently while you doll yourself up. Nonetheless, before going for the photo shoot, make sure you blow dry your hair and style it the way you normally wear your hair. Ladies, if you have straight hair, try straightening it with a hair straightener. If you have natural wavy hair, make them into soft waves to avoid appearing like a tsunami in the photo. Apply some oil to your hair to make it shine naturally too. Guys, gel your hair in the usual style and keep it simple.

Avoid looking tired with puffy eyes and dark eye rings by having a good night sleep the day before. If it persist, try using a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to make the area look brighter. The effects of the picture will look natural as long as you do not overdo the concealer.

Use a foundation to even out your skin tone and covers blemishes. Choose the right shade that will create a natural look. It goes without saying that if the shade is too light or too dark, your picture is not going to look good at all. An easy way to test the shade of the foundation is to stand under natural light and see how it looks on you. It should look like you are not wearing any foundation.

Loose Powder
Use some loose powder on your T-zone to avoid shiny foreheads in the picture. It is preferred to use loose powder over pressed compact because it will look more natural and less cakey. Use a big fluffy brush and gently dust the powder over your T-zone.

Enhance your features
Use neutral colours to enhance your features for a natural look. Make use of matte eye shadows in beige, followed by brown eyeliner/mascara. The reason we use brown instead of black is to soften the effect of the makeup. Black tends to make your eyes stand out and destroy the soft look that we are after.

Correct Lip Colour
For your lips, use a tinted lip balm that is almost the same as your lip colours. No bright or dark lip colours here, or you will end up looking like a vampire. Avoid lip gloss as they will appear too shiny in pictures.

Top off your look with a bronzer. This is needed to ensure you do not look wash out. This idea here is to enhance your glow naturally. Make sure you get a shade that complement your skin tone instead of a darker one to give you a tan. Lightly apply bronzer when the sun usually kiss your face – your cheeks and T-zone area to get that natural glow.

Relax your face – SMILE
You want a neutral look in the picture, not one which you look like you are scared out of your wits or one which look like you have a tummyache. Relax your face before the photo shoot. If needed, do some facial exercises to relax the muscles around your face. Smile naturally when the photographer ask you to and you will have a great picture.

Wear a smart causal top and ensure it contrasts nicely with a white background
For both ladies and gentlemen, wearing a collared shirt is preferred as it makes you look smart and professional. Do not wear white or you will look like the background. Wear a colour that contrast with a white backdrop such as blue. Try not to wear strong colours like red either as it gives off an angry aura.

Ensure your hair is nicely tucked behind your ears
All passport pictures require a fully exposed face, including the ears. Remember to tuck your hair behind your ears but make sure your hair rest softly on your shoulders and curve in to cup your face nicely. This will make your face look smaller and the soft look is also achieved with this little trick.

Now that you know these 10 tips, try it next time when you need to take a passport picture! You will not regret your passport picture anymore.

Top Image: Jie Xu / Shutterstock.com

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