10 Translation Fails That Show Google Translate Isn’t the Answer to Everything

Last Updated on 2018-11-11 , 2:19 pm

There are times when even Google translate fails, and you’ll know this if you tried it at all.

And most of us have seen lots of Chinese to English translation fails, especially those from China.

Let’s bear in mind that Google is banned in China, so they may have come up with their own search engines or translation tools.

Here are 10 epic translation fails that will make you appreciate Singapore’s bilingualism because you’re in for some laughs.

Image: giphy.com

Soup for Sluts

Image: boredpanda.com

From what seems like a Japanese instant ramen is boldly transformed to a soup for sluts. Apart from the fact that it’s made for sluts, it gets us wondering if it’s actually soup or noodle. Any takers at all? No?

Poisonous & evil rubbish

Image: boredpanda.com

How do we define evil rubbish? What it meant in Chinese was probably poisonous and toxic waste. But it had to be “evil” out of all the words in Thesaurus. *SMH*

A time sex thing

Image: boredpanda.com

If you can’t understand Chinese it wouldn’t make any sense to you here. What the Chinese words meant was stuff that can only be used once, such as disposable objects. And the translators took it to a whole new level with the direct translation.

Special for deformed

Image: boredpanda.com

Deformed is such a strong word to use. We’re not sure if handicapped people would be too happy to see that.

Racist park

Image: boredpanda.com

You know where to head to if you’re a racist: there’s a whole park meant for you and your people.

You put your shoes on my face

Image: boredpanda.com

No idea where the smile and face came from, because there was no such Chinese word in that phrase. 小草有生命 , 请脚下留情 means to have mercy and go easy on the grasses as they’re living things too. Or something along that line. Definitely not liking someone’s smile or putting shoes on anyone’s face.

Poor duck killed and F**KED

Image: boredpanda.com

It’s a duck dish, unlike the translation that suggests it’s a type of cooking method or sauce.

Our sweet ass

Image: boredpanda.com

Don’t get your hopes up. This is donkey meat, not the chef’s ass or the restaurant staffs’ asses.

Only if you’re stolen though

Image: boredpanda.com

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau warns to call the police at once if you’re stolen. You get the idea right?

Steam eggs with Wikipedia anyone?

Image: boredpanda.com

If you didn’t know, Wikipedia over in this restaurant can be eaten.