These 10 Tricks Will Make Dishwashing Faster By 2X!


Last Updated on 2022-09-24 , 4:10 pm

Lots of us hate washing the dishes, and this is rightfully so.

I mean, it’s so tiring and troublesome and it’s the exact reason why people choose to use disposable plates and cutlery nowadays.

But did you know that dishwashing doesn’t actually have to be so tough and dreary? Here are some tips and tricks to make the chore way faster and easier!

Separate Dirty Dishes

Lots of us pile all our dishes in the sink and when it’s time to wash, we find it pretty difficult because there is no space in the basin and the dirty water gets splashed everywhere and it’s pretty frustrating.

The simple solution is to place dirty dishes on a countertop near the sink so that you can maneuver the dishes much more easily without worrying about them touching other dirty plates and stuff.

Scrape Off Excess Food

This should be a no-brainer but lots of us are too lazy to scrape away excess food on the plate because “aiya it’s all going to be washed away, right?”


But washing dishes with food on them is actually more difficult because you’ll get bits of food flying everywhere in the sink. I mean, logically, wouldn’t it be easier to wash something that’s cleaner?

Starch Stains?

You know when you cook pasta or any other really starchy kinds of food and there’s the gross residue left in the pot and it’s hard to scrub away?

Turns out the trick is to soak the pot in cold water (not hot!) and it’ll be much easier to clean. Apparently, hot water makes it more stubborn so don’t do that!

Soak Soak Soak

Okay, technically this doesn’t make dishwashing faster per se, but it does help cut down the time spent on the tedious chore.

Soaking your dishes in soapy water actually does miracles for getting stains and hardened food out, so just leave some stubborn dishes to soak while you chill and when you come back it’ll be so easy to wash them!

Wash The Cleanest Things First

If you die die want to cram all your dirty dishes into the sink, then might as well follow this trick.

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Wash the cleaner and least oily dishes so that the oil doesn’t get onto other dishes and make it even harder to wash later on.

Replace Your Sponge Regularly

If you keep reusing the same old sponge and it’s covered in food leftovers and god-knows-what, then it’s definitely going to make dishwashing harder because you’re just transferring even more residue onto the thing you’re trying to clean.

Make sure to rinse out your sponges thoroughly and change them when they get too gross. They aren’t that expensive.

Hot Water Is Your Friend

I know we said not to use hot water with starchy dishes, but for all other things such as greasy plates and pots, hot water is good at getting rid of the grease easily.

Just make sure you don’t scald yourself!

Use Enough Soap

If you spam the soap, then you’ll have more things to rinse off, right? But if you use too little, your dishes won’t be clean and you have to start over again.

It’s hard to determine what’s an optimal amount of soap, but just experiment, or you can use common sense to know if you’ve really gone overboard with the soap.

Use Good Soap

We all like to save money but if you use some cheap dubious soap, it might not be able to get rid of grease quickly and easily which would lead to you having to use more time and soap just to clean your dishes.


Instead, buy a trusted and popular brand of dish soap that you know will work effectively and you’ll ultimately have to spend less time on the chore!

Wash Similar Items Together

Wash all your utensils first, then your plates, then your bowls, then your pots. Or whatever order you like.

It’s actually easier to wash all the same types of dishes together first rather than a fork and then a bowl and then a spoon. When things get into a rhythm, you find your dishwashing experience over twice as fast!

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