10 Running Man Facts (Updated in 2023) That’ll Blow Your Mind (Including One Running Man Salary)


Last Updated on 2023-07-10 , 5:23 pm

Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of the Running Man, the much-loved South Korean variety show that’s known for its hilarity, high jinks, and engaging game elements. It’s one of the longest-running programs in South Korean television history and boasts an impressive running man cast. Let’s answer your burning questions like: How much is the Running Man salary? Are their on-screen personas genuine? Who is the richest Running Man member? And what happened when Kwon Ryeol left Running Man?

Grab some popcorn, because we’re about to unravel the intriguing story behind the Running Man members.

The Original Concept: An All-Male Running Man Cast

The inception of Running Man leaned towards an all-male cast, reflecting societal influences in South Korea at the time. The producers were worried that introducing female cast members could disrupt the competitive atmosphere of the games, as men might be inclined to let women win.

However, this notion was shattered when Song Ji Hyo, one of the Running Man members, proved that women could be just as competitive, if not more so, than men. As the years rolled by, the producers shifted the show’s focus to comedic elements rather than pure competition.

As of 2023, the Running Man cast has two female members: Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So-min.

In 2011, Park Soo-ah, previously known as Lizzy, briefly joined the cast as well.

A Running Man PD List Favorite: Kwon Ryeol

One of the most intriguing figures on the Running Man PD list is Ryu Kwon Ryeol, the man behind the camera. Initially slated to work with Ha Dong Hoon (Haha), Kwon Ryeol ended up filming the beloved Yoo Jae Suk, creating a unique on-screen chemistry that fans have come to adore.

Kwon Ryeol once shared that despite the physical challenges of keeping up with Jae Suk during games, he appreciated the opportunity to work with him and cherished the bond they shared off-camera.

Yoo Jae Suk’s Net Worth and His Enormous Influence

As the highest earner among the Running Man members, Yoo Jae Suk’s net worth has been a hot topic among fans, but the exact amount was never disclosed. But we do know he’s rich based on how much he (used to) earn.

When the show first started, Jae Suk’s salary was reportedly around USD$12,000 per episode, far exceeding that of other cast members. His charismatic presence and comedic timing have proven instrumental in propelling the popularity of the show, contributing significantly to his net worth.


A Look at the Running Man Members’ Ages and Their Personalities

There is a charming diversity in the Running Man members’ ages, with each member bringing a unique dynamic to the show.

As of 2023, these are their ages:

Yoo Jae-suk = 51 years old
Haha = 44 years old
Jee Seok-jin = 57 years old
Kim Jong-kook = 47 years old
Song Ji-hyo = 42 years old
Jeon So-min = 37 years old
Yang Se-chan = 37 years old

Their on-screen personalities, while somewhat reflective of their real selves, are often exaggerated for the sake of entertainment.

For instance, Kim Jong Kook portrays a stronger, fiercer image of himself, while Lee Kwang Soo was asked to emphasize his sillier side. These amplified personalities add another layer of humor and unpredictability to the show, making it even more engaging.

The Notable Departure: Kwon Ryeol Leaves Running Man

Fans were taken aback when Kwon Ryeol left Running Man. His dedication to his work, particularly in filming Jae Suk, had made him a beloved figure on the show. His departure marked a significant shift in the dynamic of the show, but his legacy continues to influence future productions.

Running Man’s International Appeal and Success

Running Man’s popularity has transcended borders, with the show being adapted in China under the name Hurry Up, Brother.

The official Chinese version has attracted celebrities like JJ Lin, Show Luo, and Fan BingBing, reflecting the global appeal of the show. As of 2023, the show is still ongoing, with it in its 11th season.

The beloved game elements, combined with the genuine camaraderie among the cast, have contributed to Running Man‘s lasting success.

So, here you have it, a delightful scoop into the world of Running Man.


The evolution of the running man cast, the charisma of Yoo Jae Suk, the departure of Kwon Ryeol, and the international success of the show all paint a captivating picture. As the show continues to run in its 13th year (2023), one thing is certain: Running Man will continue to entertain and charm viewers across the globe.