10 valid reasons why your boyfriend has not proposed to you yet

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

They say that a woman’s youth is short-lived. Though some of us may argue the opposite (young at heart yo!), there are other women who just want to chop chop get married soon! But why don’t your boyfriends propose? If you are dying to hear the four words (Will you marry me?) and it seems as though you will literally hear them only on your deathbed, we break down some reasons why he is not popping the question yet!

He is not financially ready yet.
Getting married is going to cost a lot, with your wedding banquet, honeymoon and BTO renovations. If his bank account is at 4 digits or less, how do you get married?

He is not ready to commit yet.
Perhaps, both of you haven’t dated long enough yet. He thinks that both of you are still young and don’t need to settle down so quickly.

You have not given the go-ahead signal.
Have both of you had The Talk yet? If you haven’t, then how would he know that you are even contemplating marriage? Find a chance to bring up the topic and test the waters!

He wants to focus on his career.
People have different desires at different stages of their lives. He may just be too career-driven right now, and it could even be in order to give you a comfortable life after getting married!

You cannot even secure a BTO flat yet.
If you have balloted for a BTO and just didn’t get the region of your choice, tough luck. Nowadays, not many couples want to stay in their parents’ houses after getting married.

You haven’t gotten to know each other’s parents well enough.
If you aren’t on regular speaking terms with each other’s parents, that doesn’t say much about the strength of your relationship. Getting married means that you get another family, and you have to be able to get along with them!

He’s just not emotionally ready for married life.
Again, he might think that he’s too young. He might have fears about not being able to stay out whenever he wants. These fears should be discussed out in the open between the two of you before you can take a step towards marriage!

He’s not ready to think about children.
If he still thinks of himself as a kid, how do you expect him to have kids? Some people equate marriage with having children, so you have to talk it out with him if you don’t mind getting married and staying childless, whether temporarily or not.

He has heard a lot of marriage horror stories from his friends.
He has heard a lot of stories about how his bros’ wives go through a 180 degrees change after married life as the couples quickly sink into a rut. This is something that both of you will have to overcome!

He hasn’t figured out a way to propose.
If all of the above reasons don’t apply, then relax lah! He’s probably trying to come up with the proposal of the century!