10 Valid Reasons Why an ‘Auntie’ Girlfriend is a Good Girlfriend

Image: Rachata Teyparsit / Shutterstock.com

Well, we’ve got to be fair: it’s good to have an ‘uncle’ boyfriend, but it’s also good to have an ‘auntie’ girlfriend. This type of girlfriend would only show her true colour after a few years of relationship, but once she has ‘upgraded’ to that status, you can bet that she’ll be the one to marry.

Why so? Here are ten reasons for you to agree. Or disagree.

She is always prepared for a rainy day.
In both the literal and metaphorical sense. She always has an umbrella in her bag to shelter herself from the sun and rain. Also, you can save money for a rainy day next time.

She is just as kiasu as you.
When you go to USS for a date, you will probably complete 3 rounds of all the rides, because she will make sure that both of you hurry to the next ride immediately to save queuing time. Super worth your ticket price right?

You save money when you are with her.
Not in a cheapo way lah, but we mean that she will always consider the best deals. You never have to worry about missing a good deal when you are eating with her, because she confirm plus chop will always order the set meal that saves like 50% off the usual price.

She nags for your own good.
She will always give the best advice, whether you ask for it or not. She takes care of you when you are sick and makes sure that you don’t do it again, by giving you all sorts of health advice.

She willingly queues up with you.
If you are craving for some famous satay but the queue is horribly long, you can be sure that she is totally up for it. You don’t need to worry about her complaints that it is taking too long and she’d rather be somewhere posher.

She is low-maintenance.
She doesn’t need you to buy her luxury gifts or take her out on classy dates. Save the money for BTO lah.

She is always prepared.
Going to a coffeeshop for lunch? You can be sure that she has a packet of tissue ready to chope a place for you.

She doesn’t take ages to dress up for dates.
You can be sure that she will always be punctual. She doesn’t need to put on makeup to look perfect and only needs ten minutes to get ready to go out.

You can maintain a certain level of hygiene wherever you go.
Even if you visit some rundown coffee shop in JB, you can be sure that she will always have wet tissue paper to wipe your hands and the utensils. Also, hand sanitiser is indispensable.

You will always get fresh groceries.
When buying stuff from NTUC, she will grab the ones with the furthest expiry dates. Also, she will definitely look to see if the product is still sealed. You won’t see any Instagram-worthy products, but products that serve its primary function: to do its job of keeping you full. Or clean.

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