10 simple ways to deal with people who thinks they’re forever right


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 9:51 am

There’s always that one annoying pest at work. The one who thinks everything he says is right. And everyone else should follow his way. I detest people like these, and feel that they should be talked to. Do you know someone like that as well? Here are 10 simple ways to deal with them!

Start With an Affirmative
Turn your next sentence to him into a statement, and start it with an “And”. You’d get him to be less argumentative and defensive.

The perfect example:
Annoying Pest: Ha, the sky is blue today!
You: And it sometimes turns orange, gray or purple too.
Annoying Pest: …

Get Them in a Fix
“You always know what’s right, so why don’t you give us a solution?”

Value Their Opinion, BUT
Annoying Pest: I think a blue dragon will make an excellent logo.
You: That’s interesting. Do you think our targeted audience will like this?

Make them Question Themselves
Instead of a flat out “Are YOU dumb?”, switch it to a “Does it make sense to you?”. He’s going to second-guess himself. Right in the meeting with your colleagues and boss.

Get them Alone
No, you’re not going to beat them up. That’s unprofessional. Instead of talking over an idea to her in the meeting that’s at 5pm, call her over for a chat at the pantry over a cup of coffee. She’ll be more pliant and less defensive, and you’d be able to push your idea with ease.

Arm Yourself with Facts
There’s no better way to gun down a know-it-all than with facts and numbers.

Have a Wide Vocabulary
The more words you know, the more powerful you stand against Mr. Know-it-All.

Pick Your Fights
Don’t get down and dirty every Miss Annoying says something. It won’t reflect well on you and you’re putting yourself in a bad spotlight.
If her suggestions are going to dampen you and your work, stand up and talk.


Throw in a Thinking Bomb
Ask him a question that’s completely out of the box, and see how he responds to it. If he can’t, he’ll learn to sit still and be quiet.Life in the office is going to be all beautiful and colorful again.

Make Friends
Sometimes you just need to get to know them better to understand why they function in this way. When you get to know them more, you’ll know when and how to deal with them. And what to say when their know-it-all syndrome strikes.

Top Image: pathdoc / Shutterstock.com