10 Ways To Know If You’ve Fallen In Love With The Wrong Person

We can’t really control who we fall for, right? Like they always say, love is blind.

But, like how a blind man uses his ears and stick, there are ways for us to identify whether we really fell for the wrong person, among the haze of infatuation.

We are no relationship guru, but we believe that compared to the blindness of someone in love, we are in a much clearer state of mind.

1. You feel miserable all the time

If being in the relationship makes you miserable all the time, then it’s quite obvious that it is not working out.

We’re not talking about uncontrollable circumstances, like him being in NS.

But if he/she has the ability to make you happier but chooses to allow you to stay miserable, time to pack up and leave!

2. You find his/her actions unacceptable

If you are an animal lover and he/she feels the need to step on every snail they see, then maybe you two are not adjacent pieces of the puzzle.

Of course, it might not be that extreme, but if there is stuff he or she does that you cannot take, then it might be time to call it quits.

3. They keep apologizing for everything

There are people who abide by the childlike attitude of “act and then ask for forgiveness”.

If he/she repeated do things that they know is going to upset you, then ask for forgiveness, then maybe they don’t really deserve it.

4. Their actions don’t mirror their words

Talk is cheap. If your date makes countless romantic promises but never actually have any plans of fulfilling them, then it might be time to face the fact that the words are superficial.

I mean, how is he going to keep the promise

5. Attention to details

You remember every detail concerning them but they’re not as attentive towards you

If after ten meals they still don’t understand that you are allergic to seafood, then they don’t really care enough to remember such details about you.

6. Everything feels like work

Work is mundane, work is tiring. Work is duty, not voluntary. (What a nice poem)
If your relationship feels like work, either you are not putting enough effort to rekindle the flame or she’s the wrong person.

7. You’ve incorporated them into your daily routine but they have not done the same

You call them every night, and you text them good morning. However, he/she is often not with the phone and doesn’t reply. He/she is simply not into you enough to put you in his/her daily schedule.

8. You Feel Like A Backup Plan

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself not making plans with others to stay available for their last-minute whims.

A partner should enrich you, not cut you off from the rest of the world. And really, that just means you’re the backup plan.

9. You don’t see them in your future

If you don’t see how you’re going to live and start a family with this person, then yup, you know it

10. You’re reading this article

If you deliberately searched for “ways to know whether you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person” then you might want to seriously contemplate on your relationship. Just saying.