10 Weird Shoes That Can Be Found Online

Shoes are a necessity in our lives. They say you’ll never know what the other person is going through until you walk a mile in their shoes. See? Shoes are pretty important to keep us going, literally. Imagine having to walk a mere 2.4km barefooted. Ouch.

Which is why we really can’t believe our eyes when we chance upon these ridiculously funny-looking shoes. Get ready to facepalm as I showcase my collection of them.

1. The Mop

Image: http://ru-ka.tumblr.com

Ok, it’s a creative way to actually get some housework done as you walk around in your house with these. But wearing them out? Oh no, it’s just really ridiculous. Well, at least it helps to keep the area clean.

2. Cowboy Sandal Boots

Image: http://dangerousminds.net

The person who’ve designed this was probably indecisive over to wear boots or sandals. Well, the verdict’s out. It’s officially sandal boots for him. Yipee.

3. Feet Shoe

Image: theeshoecloset.wordpress.com

Yucks. Just yucks. It looks so real and really weird when you put them on. However, it does have a cool factor, though. Imagine scaring people around you with these pair of feet shoes. It’s perfect for a prank.

4. Laced Boots

Image: http://www.oddee.com

Woah, hold up. How does this even work? How do you even walk with these? The laces are pretty overwhelming. I get that it’s an “open toe” shoe, but there seem to be no sole to this shoe…or is there?

5. The Fish Slipper

Image: http://www.oddee.com

I smell something fishy in here. Oh look, it’s a fish slipper. Yeah, no big deal. I’ll just probably freak out at the sight of a pair of fish slippers right at my doorstep.

6. The Gamer

Image: http://www.oddee.com

Want to announce to the world that you’re a proud gamer girl? No worries, this shoe will do the trick for you. Armed with a pocket to slide your Game Boy in, there is even a cute Pikachu at the bottom to charm Pokemon lovers. What a joy!

7. Teeth…Shoes?

Image: http://fashion-utopia.com

Omg, don’t even get me started on this. The more you look at it, the weirder you’ll feel. Then you’ll start to realise that the sole of the shoe is arranged in rows of teeth. Why would anyone want to design a shoe with soles filled with teeth? Cringeworthy.

8. The block of Ice

Image: http://fashion-utopia.com

To defy the humid weather in Singapore, perhaps we might want to consider wearing a block of ice. I’d wonder how to keep the ice from melting, though.

9. High Heel Chicken Feet

Image: http://faxo.com/

Qn: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ans: To find her feet.
(Dictionary: To find your feet is to become familiar with and confident in a new situation)

Geddit? Geddit? To find her feet coz this shoe has stolen hers. I’m so lame I can barely walk. Ok, I’ll see myself out.

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10. Red High Heels with Spikes

Image: http://faxo.com/

Guys, don’t ever break up with your girlfriend when she is wearing this pair of spiked heels. Her heels will turn into a weapon and before you know it, you’ll be running for your life, with or without a shoe.

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