10 Wonderful Things You Can Do with WD-40 You Probably Didn’t Know


Last Updated on 2020-11-09 , 10:26 am

Just like how Singapore’s military men hail the black tape as a universal solution to the many problems they face, WD-40 is said to be god’s solution to the myriad of first-world inconveniences and problems.

Let’s see how much heaven can a $14 bottle of WD-40 bring to our ‘troubled’ lives:

1. Remove Decals and Stickers

Removing decals and sticks can be a real pain and often produce ugly and sticky results that frustrate us to no end, especially if we are trying to destroy evidence of how cheap the gift we are giving.

A little bit of WD-40 certainly makes the job cleaner and faster, plus it helps to remove the price stickers from books too.

2. Cleaning Toilet Bowls

A squeaky clean toilet does not necessary require the use of expensive cleaning products advertised on television.

Spray some WD-40 into the toilet bowl and scrub with a brush to say bye-bye to the “science experiments” and “unknown and undesirable stains, slime, and gunk”.

Clean, stainless toilets are no longer an impossibility!

3. Paint and Crayon Removal

If you need to remove evidence of your disgraceful “love letter” or “artistic masterpiece” from loan sharks, then you will need to stock up WD-40 in your home.

Otherwise, the lubricant is terribly useful for wiping paint and crayons from your walls without any damage to the paint or wallpaper.

4. Leather Maintenance and Protection

Leather armchairs are a symbol of affluence in homes and require as much loving maintenance and protection as a Gucci leather bag.

Spray your leather furniture with some WD-40 and buff them with a clean, soft cloth to clean, penetrate, and protect the leather.

5. BBQ or Oven Grill Renewal

Having difficulty trying to get rid of tough and stubborn bits of carbon stuck to your BBQ oven grill?

Have you tried hammering or chiseling at them? Of course not, don’t be silly.

Spray with WD-40, wait for a few seconds, then scrub with wire brush for a grill that looks new and ready for another cookout.

6. Stain Removal Powers

Not only can the almighty but cheap lubricant be used to remove stains (be it blood, coffee, or whatever) from your carpet, it can even remove tea and coffee stains from your counter tops too!


Better yet, WD-40 actually helped to remove some stubborn pee-stains from my marble floor and scratch marks (courtesy of my late cat), and even gave my floor a waxed sheen without being dangerously slippery.

7. Splinter Prevention

If you have wooden tools or furniture, wipe them down with some WD-40 to prevent them from splintering.

This provides a protective layer that prevents the wood from absorbing moisture from the air and expanding, which causes splintering.

8. Protects Silver and Other Metals

Being a lubricant, WD-40 can remove stains from your silver and provide a protective coat that prevents the metal from reacting with oxygen which causes tarnishes the metal.

9. Ring Removal

For those who want to remove rings stuck to fingers and tugging painfully at them are not going to help.


Instead, lubricate your finger with a bit of WD-40 and then slide the ring out easily. Please, please don’t use this hack for criminal purposes.

10. Insect Repellant and Relieve for Insect Bites and Stings

I have never used this particular hack but somehow WD-40 can serve as an insect repellant.

Maybe it is because of its odour or that insects cannot get a foothold on surfaces sprayed with slippery WD-40.

With dengue lingering in town, I guess I will try to see how and if it can repel mosquitoes.

Also, it has been said that WD-40 can relieve fire ant bites and stings from bees and hornets. However, we still advise readers to go to the doctor for treatment instead.

Featured Image: ThamKC / Shutterstock.com