10 Wrong Ways Which You Have Been Using Dating Apps

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have been around for a while now and these apps have totally changed the dating experience and brought it to a whole new level. Using a dating app isn’t only fun and convenient but it will also up your social game if you utilize it to its optimum. Unfortunately, not everyone who uses the app knows how to, often leaving them with few to no matches at all. If you’re one of these unfortunate people, here’s 10 wrong ways you might have been using your dating app wrong. Hopefully, this article will help to up your dating game.


1. Use Misleading Photos

If you’re on a dating app, be smart about it. If you’re a girl, try not to use photos of you with a guy/guys and guys, vice versa. Using photos with children (even if they’re your niece/nephew), is also not a good idea if you’re trying to attract a potential date. It’s literally a red flag in dating apps.

2. Use Low-Quality Photos

Never underestimate the power of clear and high-quality photos. No one is drawn to blurry, low-quality photos. People want to get a good look at you and if don’t, it’s really not surprising that they swiped you left.

3. No Photo Of Yourself

If you’re in the game, make sure you’re doing it right. Why would you want to use a photo of your favorite football team or a damn sports car as your profile picture? People are not on dating apps because they want to date a football team or a car.

 4. Have 5 Photos That Look The Same


Or a few with the same pose, same angle, same location. That won’t do. Variety is key, so make yourself seem more interesting by having one proper selfie and other candid photos maybe of one during your recent vacation, doing an activity you’re passionate about etc. Show some personality, it can be very attractive to some.

5. Put Little To No Info On Your Bio

Another huge mistake. When it comes to dating apps, don’t go playing all dark and mysterious or you’ll forever be left in the dark—A disregarded mystery. You don’t need to tell your entire life story in your bio. Just a brief introduction about yourself will do! Add a little humor in there and you’re all set!

6. Use False Information On Your Bio

Don’t be a creep and makeup things about yourself just to get people to swipe you right. Someone you know in real life who happens to be using the same dating app might just stumble on you and see right through your lies. And that’s definitely not good.

 7. Swiping Without Checking Profile

I’m not going to deny that how people look plays a huge role in first impressions but if you’re trying to find a good match, just remember that looks aren’t everything. You wouldn’t want to swipe right for an attractive girl if her profile states, “I Eat Men For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” would you? Precisely my point.

 8. Expect Only Hook-Ups

When you have a new match and start every conversation by saying, “Hey, wanna hook-up?”, you’re not going to last in the game.  Remember, not everyone is on the app for the same reason.

9. Never Care To Think About The Networking Perspective

Yep. It’s not just about finding a match and going on a date or a casual hook-up. It’s definitely about networking too. You’ll stumble on people who have different professions and these people might be useful to add to your contact list. Now that’s using the app to its optimum.

10. Being On The Dating App Itself

We rely too much on technology and social apps if you ask me. Gone are the days when courting in real life used to be the in thing. Real conversations are replaced with texting, having a nice meal together now will need a pre-meal photo shoot and quality time needs to be documented and publicized on social media. It’s a sad life.  

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