Over 100kg Barbell Crushes 27YO Man’s Neck in China, Who’s a Regular in the Gym


Working out may benefit one’s health, but like everything else, it has its own risks.

Just recently, a man in China passed away after falling victim to a gym barbell…

Which was loaded with 100kg worth of weight at the time.

Over 100kg Barbell Crushes 27YO Man’s Neck in China, Who’s a Regular in the Gym

The incident reportedly occurred on 3 July 2023.

The deceased, known only as Mr Zhang, was attempting a bench press of over 100kg in a gym. There was no spotter at the time.

Image: Weibo

For those new to the fitness scene, a spotter hovers around to ensure that you can lift the bar back into place. A spotter can also help you out when you’re pushing out your last rep.

As it happened, the 27-year-old could not complete his first rep and attempted to push the barbell back onto a J-hook.

Image: Weibo

His arms, unfortunately, gave out under the weight.

The rod dropped onto his chest and slid to his neck, pinning him down in the process.

Despite Mr Zhang’s best efforts, he was unable to free himself. He even tried to remove his weightlifting belt, but to no avail.

His screams went unheard.

Mr Zhang subsequently experienced violent spasms, before going limp.

The gym staff eventually arrived and lifted the barbell off him. By the time medical help arrived, however, he had already passed.

Gymming Alone

You may wonder, “Why on earth didn’t anyone help?”

As it turns out, the gym was actually closed at the time. Mr Zhang had been able to work out at the premises because he was a former instructor there.

In addition, he was one of the gym owner’s best mates.


As such, he still retained the keys to the gym, and would go there during his lunch break to work out alone.

Apparently, he nearly always got by without a spotter.

Netizens React

Following the incident, Netizens expressed their condolences for the deceased and wondered how it could have been prevented.

Some reckoned that Mr Zhang should not have applied clips to the sides of the weights, especially when there was no spotter around.

This way, the weights can fall off to the side if the worst-case scenario happens.

Image: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

Many, however, agreed that it was a scary thing.

Image: forums.hardwarezone.com.sg

And the worst part is that it may not be as rare as one might initially perceive.

Another Gym Death

You may recall another unfortunate gym event recently, whereby Indonesian fitness influencer Justyn Vicky died in a freak accident.

While doing a heavy squat press, he struggled to stand upright and was forced to fall onto the floor.

The barbell rolled over his neck, snapping it in the process.

He subsequently passed away.


It should be noted that, unlike Mr Zhang, Justyn had a spotter at the time.