11 biggest plot holes in Descendants of the Sun episode 12 that make me go, “WTF?”


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Before anything, here’s a disclaimer: there’re major spoilers in this article, so if you’ve yet to watch episode 12, you should click away immediately.

Still here? Well, here’re my complaints.

I can’t deny that Descendants of the Sun is one of the greatest dramas ever, and each episode has been superb—the cliff-hanger in episode 11 made the 24-hour wait the longest 24 hours ever, but when episode 12 concludes…I just go, “Wait, WTF?”

Granted that this is just drama, there’re just too many unexplained plot holes after episode 12. Maybe I just have too high of an expectation, or maybe I’m just picky, but don’t you agree on some points?

Why didn’t Big Boss just let Agus do his job?
Agus is smuggling weapons to North Urk to a colonel who is going to overthrow the corrupted Urk government, and the colonel is pro-America so the coup would mean a better government—in other words, better life for people in Urk. While you can argue that the ends don’t justify the means, it’s true that letting Agus go as he releases Dr Kang would be beneficial to everyone.
After all Agus just want to leave Urk, right?

Why did Big Boss know where Agus would be?
Why? Why? Why? Okay, if Agus has told him before (so that he can create a retreat route for Agus), then why Big Boss only comes when it’s time for Agus to escape? To fulfil his promise? Then why the dramatic fight if that was his plan all along? Why does he need to sneak in and kill some people like Solid Snake, when all he needed was to land a chopper?


If Big Boss’s intention is to save Dr Kang…then why he is so late?
It was daylight when Big Boss went off on his solo operation. The time for Agus to escape is 2:00 a.m. Why didn’t he spend the evening and night rescuing Dr Kang? Don’t tell me he’s watching Descendants of the Sun?

What happened to the political arrangement?
Were the weapons smuggled to the colonel? With Big Boss’s intervention and Agus’s death, won’t it disrupt everything? Yes, the President says he’ll take care of it, but how? Isn’t Big Boss causing more harm than good?
Commander Spock once says, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Guess Big Boss doesn’t watch Star Trek.

Why didn’t the US Special Forces conduct a rescue operation?
According to the meeting in Korea, the Special Forces were going to conduct a rescue operation within 24 hours. Agus is leaving at 2:00 a.m. (which they should know). So, where were they? Watching Descendants of the Sun—literally?
These Delta Force operators would have intelligences, weaponry and resources more than Big Boss—so what happened?

Big Boss conducted an operation and killed so many people with a civilian gun—why wasn’t he prosecuted?
Agus’s minions are humans as well, and they were killed by Big Boss because of his love for Dr Kang—and that he can’t wait to see her again. That doesn’t sound like an objective mission at all—it seems like a murderer instead. And he was unpunished? I don’t remember the commander of the Korea Special Force giving Big Boss any rules of engagement.
How is the commander going to justify that? Saving someone is one thing: killing is another.


Agus can buy weapons but cannot buy a helicopter?
Agus should have a plan all along. Heck, he was the captain of the special force, and would certainly have planned his mission before anything. And all of a sudden, Big Boss comes into his plan? Remember, Dr Kang was captured one day before that. How could he have not planned such a big thing?

Alpha Team comes just as late as Big Boss—well, even later
What’s this? They’re watching Descendants of the Sun?

Are Agus’s men child labour?
They’re taken down so easily. I can understand how Big Boss takes down small gang members in Korea easily since they’re not trained, but Agus’s men?

Why is Agus (and the manager) so obsessed with the diamonds?
They’re just worth 2m Won, which is about SGD$2,000. That’s, maybe, the monthly salary of one of his men. Why would he go all out just to take them?

The name of the operation is so uncreative
Okay, this isn’t plot hole, but come on lah: naming an unauthorized black ops as “Unauthorized Black Operation” is like naming a polytechnic in Singapore as Singapore Polytechnic.

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