11 Foods to Try in Osaka Other Than Takoyaki That Are Worth the Calories

Whenever Osaka comes into mind, everyone will most probably think of Takoyaki because it’s a street snack that is readily available everywhere. And true enough, when I was there on my holiday, I had more Takoyaki than I could ever imagine – and also because it tasted so drastically different from the ones we have in Singapore.

So the next time you make a trip down to Osaka, here are some of the food you HAVE to try while you are there so as to not go on a wasted trip. And all these food items are all pretty affordable!

1. Takoyaki

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Okay, everything else aside, Takoyaki is still something you HAVE to try when you visit Osaka. What makes the Takoyaki there so different would be the flour used, as compared to the ones we can usually find in Singapore.

Instead of the doughy textures we get here, the ones there are extremely starchy and chewy – similar to the texture of glutinous rice cakes and they are absolutely delicious.

2. Ichiran Ramen

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Also touted as the best ramen in Japan – which I totally agree. Ichiran sells the BEST Tonkotsu Ramen and ramen egg, and every spoonful of broth you get is filled with intense flavour to the brim.

Once you start on a bowl, you’ll won’t be able to resist topping up for more noodles.

3. Takoyaki Pancake

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If you are ever heading to Osaka Castle, you will be able to spot some street stalls around the area. When you do, go for the stall that sells this Takoyaki pancake that tasted absolutely divine. I mean, who can ever resist that poached egg on top?

Fun fact: The eggs in Japan are always so fresh that even if you topple it over (it happened to me btw), the egg yolk will not break!

4. Tuna Rice Bowl from Kuromon Ichiba Market

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This particular stall at Kuromon Ichiba Market is very well-known for their Tuna sashimi, and you’ll be able to spot a crowd from a distance.

When you do, please please order up one of their Tuna belly sashimi to try. Else, you can also have their Tuna Rice Bowl that is filled with a medley of tuna sashimi, tuna belly sashimi and salmon fish roe!

5. Grilled Scallops from Kuromon Ichiba Market

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Love scallops? Well, then you’ll love having this. This stall is located just after the Tuna Sashimi Stall, and the scallops are shucked right before your eyes. Best part? They are not expensive at all!

6. Tempura Don from Ichimizen

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If you are ever in Namba, Osaka, you HAVE to visit this Tempura Don stall. Though it’s a little more secluded, it is located just beisde Sarasa Hotel at Namba and trust me, this glorious bowl of Tendon puts all the ones in Singapore to shame.

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In every bowl, you will be able to find lightly battered Tempura like Shrimp, Japanese Rice Cake, Corn, Mixed Vege, Conger Eel, and even Waygu Beef before they are drizzled with light Tempura sauce that is perfectly suited for the palette.

Out of all the food places in Osaka, Ichimizen will definitely be my favourite.

7. Luke’s Lobster

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Luke’s Lobster is a Lobster shack from New York and has opened its doors here in Japan. Here, you can get a lobster roll with 120g of lightly-seasoned FRESH lobster meat at only S$22. Else, you can go for the one with 90g of lobster meat at only S$12!

8. Pablo Cheese Tart

Image: Japan Info

I mean, whenever people visit Japan, Pablo Cheesecake will definitely be one of the must-eat agendas. The cheesecake is freshly prepared daily, right before your eyes so you’ll be sure that the freshness is definitely guaranteed!

9. Gyoza from King Of Gyoza


Located at Dontonburi – also one of the biggest food district in Osaka, you’ll be able to spot Gyoza King from a distance with its life-size gyoza standee. Here, you can choose from either pan-fried or steamed gyozas. My suggestion? Go for both!

10. Sushi Zanmai – Dontonburi


And how can we ever forget about sushi when it comes to Japan? This is eve a 24-hour sushi chain!

Sushi Zanmai is a popular sushi chain store in Japan, and is very well-known for the freshness and quality of sushi at irresistible prices. The eatery might be a little cramp to dine in, but you can also order for takeout and it’ll still taste equally fresh!

11. Uncle Rikuro Cheesecake

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Imagine soft, jiggly cheesecake that melts in your mouth. Heavenly? That’s Uncle Rikuro’s Cheesecake for you. It’s fresh, fluffy and not too sweet, perfect for a mid-morning meal or two!

You can’t miss this shop when you walk along the streets of Osaka Station because they always have a queue!

3-2-15 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076, Osaka Prefecture
Mon to Sun: 9.30am to 9.30pm