1111 Meaning: Why 11:11 is so Magical for Couples to Send “I Miss You” Messages

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Well, everyone knows there’s a 1111 meaning and we’re often told to text our boyfriend or girlfriend “I miss you,” or make a wish and stuff like that at 11:11 am or 11:11 pm. But most of us do not know why. Why does 1111 mean?

Well, other than being a day whereby everyone shops online, here’s the romantic meaning.

1111 Meaning

We humans always derive something out of numbers, such as 1 for alone and 2 for a pair which often means a couple. Whenever you look at your watch showing 11:10 you won’t think they synchronize and look great but 11:11 does. You feel in sync with the pulse of life. It’s similar to the energy that’s in the whole universe, a connection that cannot be explained and often referred to as our ‘soul.’

It catches you rather than you look for it

The time 11:11 is said to be special because it pop right out at you. Whenever you see these numbers it catches your senses in a single moment, like the definition of art.

It pauses things around you for a moment and makes you appreciate just the simple beauty of it. Hence, people associate it to stopping in your tracks and thinking of your loved one, eventually morphing it to send a “I miss you” text to your significant other when you catch 11:11.

11:11 is Angelic time

There are also myths that say 11:11 is relative to angelic time and wishes made during this point will come true–similar to the myth of making wishes when you see a shooting star. Most people who wish upon 11:11 wish for love and things related to that and over time, 11:11 become a thing between loved ones, such as wishing good for your significant other or wishing they don’t ever have to be apart from you.

You rarely see people wishing for wealth at 11:11 because it’s associated with feelings of the heart and soul.

So, now that you know the beautiful meaning behind 11:11. the next time you happen to catch this special time, send a “I love you” text to your S.O. because she’s the one that stopped the world in its track.

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