A Simple Trick to Turn Off Your WhatsApp Typing Status

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So you want to type a long message to your boyfriend. Or maybe you stop typing after seeing your friend’s status on Whatsapp as “Typing”, only for it to change to “Online” with no new message because he’s having the same thought as you.

Not trying to be rude, but whoever invented this “Typing” is many WhatsApp users’ number two enemy (the number one enemy is no doubt the double blue ticks), because so far, everyone in the office agrees that it’s useless, disruptive and sometimes even destructive.

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It’s like, Hey, do I wait or do I reply now?

But fret not, everyone. There’s a neat trick to “turn that off”—it works the same way as the “neat trick not to appear ‘online’ in Whatsapp”, but we’ll save you the trouble of going there and show you the steps here instead.

Step 1:

Before you open WhatsApp, either turn off your mobile data or switch on airplane mode

Step 2:

Open your WhatsApp and type your message

Step 3:

Send the message. You’ll see a small clock icon instead of one or two ticks beside your message

Step 4:

Turn on your mobile data or switch off airplane mode. Simple, isn’t it?

If it’s not clear enough, here’s how it works: when you’re typing, you’re disconnected, so WhatsApp won’t know that you’re typing.

This works best for people who want to type a long message (which usually means bad news)!

And there you have it. 4 simple tricks to turn get rid of the annoying function. You will no longer be annoyed and can finally hide the fact that you’re on Whatsapp and typing a very long message to your girlfriend or to your boyfriend about how much you love them and that you wish that they have an enjoyable birthday.

You’re welcome.

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