It’s Not Just You: Today (12 May) Feels Like The Sun is S’pore’s Neighbour


It’s getting hot in here.

No, it’s not because your fit is “fire” or your makeup “slayed” today. It’s literally because the weather is hot.

Temperatures of Up To 35.6°C Recorded in Singapore 

Forget about the show Too Hot to Handle. Singapore’s weather is what’s too hot to handle here.

On Friday (12 May), temperatures in Singapore rose again, with temperatures of up to 35.6°C recorded in Paya Lebar this afternoon.

We’re not the Descendants of the Sun; we’re just “neighbours” of the sun here.

Image: Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS)

We express our deepest condolences to all those who walked to lunch in their “penguin” fit today.

Fortunately, Friday evening saw slightly more tolerable temperatures, with the highest temperature islandwide being 33.1°C.

Image: Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS)

It’s not much of a drop, but it’s better than nothing.

The only people we can imagine are possibly happy over the hot weather are our tiger moms—it looks like the laundry will dry within the day.

“Fair and Warm” Weather Expected Over Next 24 Hours; No Semblance of Rain

According to the 24-hour forecast by the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singaporeans can expect “fair and warm” weather for, well, the next 24 hours.

We’re not quite sure how “fair and warm” this forecasted “fair and warm” weather is, but you should probably prepare some iced water just in case.

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If you’re planning a girls’ beach trip, now’s probably the perfect time.

Image: National Environment Agency (NEA)

Whoever’s in charge of generating NEA’s rain map probably knocks off work within 10 minutes nowadays.

According to NEA’s forecast, the rain will be the least of your troubles on your beach day this weekend—just remember to bring sunscreen so you don’t leave sunburnt.

Thundery Showers Expected Next Monday and Tuesday

According to NEA’s four-day outlook, we’ll have to tolerate this sweltering heat for another two days before we’ll be rewarded with rain.

This weekend, the weather will remain fair and warm, and temperatures will range between 26 to 35°C. Only next week will Singapore finally catch a break from this heat.

Image: National Environment Agency (NEA)

Thundery showers are expected early next week, so don’t get too used to today’s weather yet—keep that umbrella in your bag.

Recent Heat Caused By Transitioning of The Monsoon Seasons

With the record high temperatures recorded in Paya Lebar and Woodlands last month, it seems like Singapore has been quite a “hotspot” recently.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) also shared earlier this month that the first half of May will be warm and humid.

Unfortunately, local science enthusiast and influencer Koh Boon Ki, otherwise known as @doujiang.youtiao on TikTok, hasn’t explained the science behind the recent weather.

Confused? Haven’t heard about the influencer’s “science major” controversy? Watch this video to find out more:


Regardless, Goody Feed’s here to explain the science to you—it’s pretty simple. Remember the rainy weather at the start of the year?

What we’re in now is a transition from that earlier monsoon season to the next monsoon season. These hot inter-monsoon conditions don’t usually last this long, but what can we say? 2023 is a special year.

Hopefully, it won’t be so special that this sweltering heat lasts even longer than it already has.