13 Things That Are More Useful Than Teachers During Our Schooldays

Once upon a time, if you wanted to know something and needed an answer, the first person you’d approach would definitely be your teacher. If you’re at home, you’d probably be bugging you mom or dad to death with your persistent questions.

Thankfully, it’s way easier for you to figure out things on your own these days.

If you had a question that needed unraveling, chances are you’ve used one of these at any time!

We had to start out with the most obvious of all – the literal online encyclopaedia of sorts. Sure, you can’t rely on the details a full 100% as it’s mostly been keyed in by your fellow online buds, but hey, most of the time they’ve been accurate, right? No?

Rumours have it that 90% of students passed their exams and get their degree by Googling. Not sure how true that is, but we all have to admit that without Google, we won’t have our degrees. Heck, even our PSLE cert.

This might be an odd choice for learning, but really, there’s a lot you can pick up from following an Instagram page. It might be a pic with an explanation for a recipe below, or a concise workout routine to simply a motivation quote to get you hustling. No maths or science, but lots of photography tips (and also influencers).

If you’re Twitter junkie, chances are you’ll find out about the most recent world news and ongoings even before it hits the Facebook and the rest of the news sites. Short, sweet and keeping it relevant.

Keep yourself abreast with job and career updates to ensure you’re not losing out on the rat race. And oh, did you know you can read articles there as well?

Sure, this is more of an old-school kind of method, but if you want a detailed explanation on anything from psychology to learning a new language, you’d be able to actually do it on your own these days.

Connect with everyone on your friends and family listing, but also find yourself delving deeper into news updates from them too!

Online Short Courses
Sites like Skillshare and LinkedIn also offer you mini-courses to learn more about, well, anything you wanna know!

Need to know how to bake a carrot walnut cake with cream cheese icing overnight? You’re covered. Want to check out HIIT classes? Check. Your PE teachers can rest la, you can just exercise with this app instead!

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When you go home, channel surf and hang around each channel for half an hour or so. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with information on sports, news, the latest movie flicks, Top 10 songs for the week and even Gordon Ramsay teaching you how to cook!

No, we’re not talking about comics here, but the likes of The Economist, Reader’s Digest and Newsweek. These are more brief reads compared to a paperback book, but the information comes with a punch!

Online Websites (Like Us!)
We don’t mean to brag, but checking out our page would also give you bite-sized information that’s useful and simply put. Easy to understand also leh.

You’ll be surprised, man. Want to learn how to code a website? Download an app that teaches you just that. Want to learn how to cook? Lots of apps out there to teach you. Want to look like Andy Lau? Well, there’s no app for that, but there are apps that teach you how to look youthful. The list is endless.

So, what you going to learn today ah?

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