Student Kicked Teacher ‘Coz He Told Him Not to Use His Phone; Footage Went Viral Immediately


We all remember our salad days—going to school, gallivanting at the nearest mall and spending our allowance in the arcade.

In retrospect, I question my actions when I was younger but don’t worry I am not going to divulge anything.

But one thing is for sure, I would never hit a teacher.

I mean, the fact that I am saying it is just ridiculous.


I mean at most, you would argue? AsiaOne reported on a video footage that has gone viral—a student kicking a teacher.

This happened in Fukuoka City, Japan.

Take a look at the video first.

Okay, so before the video, it was said that the teacher reprimanded the student as he was using his mobile device during class.

It looks like he wasn’t too happy and started inching near the teacher. Maybe I am wrong, but it looked like as if the student is trying to look into the teacher’s pocket (maybe the phone was confiscated).

The teacher then walked across, and the student followed him. With the teacher’s back facing him, he went on a full rage mode and proceeded to kick him not once, but twice.


Judging from the video, the kick looked hard.

Then the student proceeded to harass him by holding his collar.

You know what bothers me more?

The students in the class laughing and cheering like a bunch of dumb hyenas.


It is one thing to not do anything about it, it’s another thing to sit back and revel in it.

According to the TokyoReporter, the police was involved and the student has admitted to the charges. He also said there was “no mistake”, he committed the assault.

Since he is such an honest student, I hope he is charged to the fullest extent of the law.


As for the teacher, he sustained minor injuries and bruises.

The school also mentioned that it has plans to lecture all students—including the laughing hyenas.

All in all, I hope the teacher gets justice.


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