15 English Songs That We Will Never Forget from Our Childhood


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 12:29 pm

The songs that we listen to as a teenager are likely the ones which we will love forever, mainly because we have either rocked to the music in a party or cried to the music during our most vulnerable times.

Either that, or because music wasn’t influenced by virality (you know, Gangnam Style) but by pure quality.

These old songs accompanied us through the thick and thin of the confusing teenage years, and they are just like our closest pals. Here’s our take on the 15 songs which we will never forget!

Torn (1997)

Natalie Imbruglia brought this song to its heights with her strong yet soulful voice. The lyrics are meaningful and it brought tears and comfort to girls who are hurting from a relationship that they shouldn’t have gone into.

It Must Have Been Love (1992)

Another heartbreaking song by Roxette, this song accompanied many of us as we nursed our lonely hearts after a break-up with our boyfriends/girlfriends.

On hindsight, those puppy loves are not worth our tears, but when you are 16 years, it meant everything to you.

The lyrics of the chorus, “It must have been love, but it’s over now; It must have been love, but I lost it somehow” is strangely comforting.

Viva Forever (1997)

Spice Girls are crazily popular back in the 1990s with all their hit songs such as Wannabe, 2 become 1 and Viva Forever.

Strangely, the fast songs faded with time, but you can still hear Viva Forever being played on some of our radio stations up till today.

This is a beautiful song about memories and encouraging us to live in the moment!

I’ll Never Break Your Heart (1997)

Yet another popular song, this is sung by Backstreet Boys, yet another super popular boyband back in the 1990s.

Almost all their songs were big hits, but this song stays in our memory because of its pure sincerity of forever love.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (1991)

This song by Bryan Adams is still fondly remembered by most of the 90s kids up till today.

Partly because of Robin Hood the movie and the song spoke of the undying love that teenagers will swear to each other in moments of passion.

It is definitely a song that triggers bittersweet memories for many of us!


Right Here Waiting (1989)

Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx is yet another evergreen song that is being played in our radio stations today.

A promise of forever love, of always been there no matter what happened makes this a favourite love song for everyone.

In fact, there were days when everyone “composed” this song into their ringtones.

Truly Madly Deeply (1991)

The lyrics of this song is known to all the 90s kids, and we used to battle it out in singing it the way that Savage Garden did (as if they did not need to breathe)! An iconic song for the 90s kids that promises true love.

I Will Always Love You (1992)

One of the queens of the 90s, Whitney Houston, performed this song beautifully.


This has become an eternal love song that is still a hot favourite today. Although it is not an easy song to sing, you probably can hear someone trying to sing it whenever you head to the KTVs.

Hero (1993)

This song is a personal favourite of mine as it speaks volumes about being strong and loving yourself above all else.

A personal motto for me since 1993, Hero by Mariah Carey is a song of bravery, self-love and the belief that anyone can be who they want to be, as long as they trust themselves.

My Heart Will Go On (1997)

Ah…the theme song of Titanic, the movie that earned its glory in tears. This song was in the number one position of the top 10 hits in 98.7FM for a total of 14 weeks!

It was one amazing result from just ONE song! We do believe it has something to do with Celine Dion’s voice, but well, the song rocks.

Candle In The Wind (1973 / 1997)

Although Candle in the Wind was released by Elton John back in 1973, it was revised in 1997 as a tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


The song was sung live by Elton John during late Princess Diana’s funeral in Westminster Abbey and he had never sung this revised version again.

Barbie Girl (1997)

A song by another pop band Aqua, Barbie Girl was popular when it was first released. You can hear teenagers singing it everywhere, and radio stations often played it.

Mambo No. 5 (1999)

If you are born in the 90s, you definitely rock to the music of Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega.

This sexy and rather naughty song was a hot favourite amongst the boys back then, and we do believe that it speaks to the fantasy of healthy growing teenage boys.

Blue Da Ba Dee (1999)

Yet another insanely popular song, it is so irritating that kids love it. It also has a catchy tune that everyone can party with.


It also encourages kids to imagine and could be considered one of the new-age songs which introduce animations and possibly artificial intelligence.

Don’t Speak (1995)

This is a great song performed by No Doubt. A sad song that has a catchy tune and a strong vocal, it was well-received by the public and still continues to be an evergreen song today.