12 hidden functions of iPhone that only hardcore iPhone fans would know


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 4:13 pm

It’s true that most of us own an iPhone these days, but the device also holds a trove of hidden functions that we might not have discovered – even if we are one who have to keep our phones with us 24/7 so that we would feel secure. Here are 12 hidden functions of iPhone that only hardcore iPhone fans would know – would you consider yourself as one?

Only receiving calls from certain contacts
Tired of getting calls from your boss in the middle of the night? All you have to do is head to the Do Not Disturb tab at the settings page and you will be able to manually enable and disable calls from certain contacts.

Prevent your data usage from exceeding
For those who only have 2GB a month to survive with, one important tip is to TURN OFF the WIFI assist feature so that they will not automatically use your data when they do not detect any working wifi.

Redialing the last number
In the Phone app, press the green call button on the keypad screen to make the last dialled number appear.

Desktop version of a site
Just hold down the reload button in the URL bar when you want to view the Desktop version of certain websites

Quick Reply
When you get a notification at the top of the screen that you have a new iMessage or SMS, pull the notification downward to reply without leaving the screen you’re on.

Enable Low Power Mode all the time
The Low Power Mode will automatically shut off as you charge your phone, and you’ll get a notification on your lock screen that it has been disabled. You can simply swipe left on that notification to turn it back on.

Bold/Italicize/Strike off your WhatsApp messages
Bold – add an asterisk on each side of the word *bold*
Italicise –  add an underscore to either side of the word: _italics_
Strikethrough –  add a tilde to either side of the word: ~strikethrough-

You can also combine any of these options together!

Remote shutter
Use the volume up or down button on your headphones to snap a photo in the Camera app.

‘Text-To-Speech” function
The ‘Text-to-Speech’ function allows your iOS to read out a highlighted article for you. It could be very useful if you want to learn the pronunciation of new words or while you’re driving.

Make TouchID work faster
Save the same fingerprint multiple times and TouchID will work much faster. This is especially useful for older phones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

Recently closed tabs
We all have moments when we want to reread this articles on our phones but forgot the site we were reading it on. In order to do so, simply tap and hold on the + symbol in Safari on the tab carousel view to open a screen that lists all of your recently closed tabs.

Save a draft with one swipe:
In the Mail app, tap on the subject line and swipe down to the bottom of the screen to save a draft.

Top Image: LOFTFLOW / Shutterstock.com