15 simple things a girl wants from a guy but would never ever ask for them


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

Girls are different. Or maybe, weird. They secretly hope for things that a guy will do for them, but they refuse to say it upfront. Probably because they’re shy, or they just hate the idea of having to take the initiative.

Does your girlfriend behave the same way too? They want you to behave as though you can read their minds. Well, if she is, let us help you a little by giving you this list of 15 things a guy should start doing for your girl!

Good morning and Good night texts
This unsaid daily routine is deemed as the most important effort you need to make. She’ll picture you missing her and letting her know that she’s the first person you want to wake up to and the last person you want to speak to before you sleep.

Pictures taken together
She obviously wants pictures of you guys together no matter if she posts these photos or not. She can look at these memories whenever she misses you.

Little surprises
Every girl likes a good surprise be it big or small. Surprise her with a DIY home-made sushi or suggest going somewhere for the weekend.

Visiting and bringing her favorite food
But of course, you need to know what’s her favorite food first. Bring it to her workplace or whenever she least expect you and you’ll be guaranteed a very happy girlfriend.

A scent-filled hoodie
Lend her your hoodie or jacket that’s filled with your cologne. She’s going to dig that but make sure its clean. And by lending, know that you’re not getting it back.

Really long hugs
Girls love it, it shows your pouring affection for her and allows her to enjoy that moment–for a long time.

Slow dances
While this might seem a little weird if both of you just decide to dance around at home randomly, just do it anyway. It can end up funny or incredibly romantic. You win both ways–you guys are supposed to do crazy stuffs together anyway.

Sincere compliments
Compliment her when you find her beautiful. It can be when she’s dressed in her new outfit or her new awesome shoes. Or when she’s dead serious doing her work and you just find it beautiful. And when she smile, tell her the whole world (for you) stopped for a while.

Singing her favorite song
Sing it to her even if it’s out of tune. It’s her favorite song for a reason.

A cute stuffed toy
For her to hug when you’re not around. Maybe she could pretend that you’re the stuffed toy she’s hugging.

Real, deep conversations
While everyone enjoys small talks and lame jokes to entertain oneself, it’s important to connect and have deep meaningful conversations.

Nonsensical funny conversations
Yes, they still like the humor. Just be yourself, you don’t have to try too hard.

Be a gentleman. Hold the door for her, walk closest to the curb, make reservations if you’re going for a date. Give her your jacket when it’s chilly, be punctual for dates and never be rude to waiters or bartenders.


Comfort and patience when she’s sad
Give comfort when she’s sad, let her know you’ll be there for her. Show your patience as well and don’t rush her to return home or leave when she’s not done dealing with her emotions.

Telling her how much you love her
The one and only thing you should already know.

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