15 Travel Items You Must Buy From Daiso For Your Next Holiday Because #EverythingAlso2Dollars


Travelling is one of the topmost important things to do for Singaporeans.

And can you blame us?

I mean, with how sensitive Singaporeans are and how fast-paced our society is, who wouldn’t want a holiday or two to get away from the madness.

Well, before you travel, there is always something that you hate to do: packing!

Let us offer you a list of things that you can buy from Daiso because where else can you get stuff that’s good and cheap?

1. Multi-purpose Storage Bags

Image: Tripzilla

These storage bags come in different shapes and sizes. The small ones are the best because you can easily put your safety pins, small bottled perfumes, contact lens casing, or even your keys to keep them safe and accessible.

2. Vacuum sealed storage bags

This is the one thing you MUST buy in Daiso for your packing needs. These inventions save you tons of space by compressing all the air out of the bag when you pack your clothes, slippers, and other necessities.

You will be amazed at how much more space you have in your bag after sucking all the air out of your storage bags. Bring a few of these along with you and do the same to all the new clothes that you have to buy on the trip.

Small bottles

Image: Wrong Way Gang

Small bottles are very useful if you have no travel size shampoo, shower foam, etc. You can pick the ones that you like.

Daiso carries various kinds of bottles such as the squeeze bottles, spray bottles, screw cap bottles, etc.

Image: ChinaHao

These are also sold in Watsons and Japan Home, but Daiso is cheaper.


Multi-purpose containers

Image: Pinterest

Most people will associate such containers as pillboxes. Think out of the box, for you can also put other small accessories into these boxes.

Earrings, wedding bands, engagement rings and small fashion accessories can all go into these boxes and the items will have a safe haven to rest in when you remove them after a long day out.

Waterproof Travel Pouch

Buy one of these to store all your toiletries so that they will not dirty the whole luggage even if they spill during the flight.

The pouch also keeps them clean from dirt and dust. Cosmetics can also be put into such a bag for your travels.

Flexible Bags

These are drawstring bags which are suited for anything. Daiso sells them to put your shoes and slippers in, but who says you have to follow the instruction.

You can choose to put your socks into the bag, or even a book or two to keep them from getting folded during the flight.

Bring one or two of them along too for you will find that they come in handy when you are looking for a carrier for small items.

Dial Locks

Image: Carousell

These are simple to use and there is no need for you to worry about where you should put the small keys that come with travel locks.

These locks are also pretty with different designs and colours.

Heat Packs

Image: Carousell

If you are travelling to a country with cold weather, you can buy the heat packs from Daiso.


They are not as effective as those you can find in travel stores, but they are warm enough for your hands and feet and is very safe to hold in your hands.

Inflatable pillows

Image: Dayre

These are good to keep you from a stiff neck after snoozing on the flight. Cheap and reliable, these pillows can be inflated easily and then deflated when not in use.

They save you a lot of space in the luggage and will not frustrate you with their bulkiness during your travel.

Eye Mask and Earplugs

The earplugs are useful when you have a snoring travel partner or if you’re an extremely light sleeper.

The eye mask, on the other hand, blocks out the light and helps you to get some sleep on the flight and in your hotel room

Body Sheets

Image: Women’s Weekly

These are definitely worth lugging along during your travels as they refresh you on a hot and humid day. The body sheets clean much of your dirt and sweat off your body when you are hot and sticky with the summer heat.


It will provide you with the much needed cool relief when you need it most.


Image: Carousell

It is a lot more space-friendly than an umbrella when you are packing for a vacation.

It is always good to assume that it will rain when you least expect it. Hence, it is a good idea to bring one along with you, just in case.

True, you can get a raincoat overseas at tourists attractions, but at $2? Nope.



Small Torchlight

You never know when you will need a little help from this buddy here. When you travel, it is safer to bring a torchlight along so that you can use it when necessary.

While it might not be necessary to use it for lighting purposes, it works very well to prevent a robbery by shining a torchlight into your attacker’s eyes.

Mini Electric Fan

This gadget is useful if you are going to a hot place. When it is hot and humid, a fan of any kind is a blessing. An electric one is even more appreciated as there is no need for you to expend energy to get wind through traditional methods.

Travel Wallets

While these are less popular, it is very useful to people who want to keep their different currency separated. However, it is wiser to keep this wallet away from public eyes while you are overseas, especially if you have a lot of cash on you.

Always bring just enough for your day and keep the rest of the money safely lock up in the hotel safe. Now that you have the list, start shopping at Daiso for your next trip out of Singapore!