16-YO Could’ve Saved An Elderly’s Life With Skills He Learned from His CCA

If you think CCAs (Co-circular Activities) are basically just eating up your sleeping time after school and during weekends, think again.

One good Samaritan, the 16-year-old Muhammad Aniq, put the skills he learnt at National Civil Defence Cadet Corps to good use to help save an injured uncle in his 90s.

An Act Of Kindness

Aniq’s brother, Norizam Baharon, was so proud of his brother’s act of kindness that he penned this good deed down on his Facebook page.

On August 19, the two brothers heard a cry for help from an auntie in her 80s while they were revising for their major exams at the study area of Blk 270 Tampines Street 21.

They went to investigate and it turns out that the elderly woman’s husband, who is in his 90s, had taken a fall and was bleeding profusely.

Upon seeing this medical emergency, Aniq immediately jumped into action.

Neighbourhood hero in action

Previously the Staff Sergeant for his school’s National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, Aniq skilfully tied a shirt around the uncle’s arm where the wound was located at, applying pressure to the wound and slowing down the bleeding.

Image: Facebook (Norizam Baharon)

Throughout the process and while waiting for the paramedics, Aniq was comforting the uncle, who was purportedly panicking.

Then, he guided the paramedics into finding the unit so that precious time would not be wasted.

The uncle was sent to Changi General Hospital for proper treatment safely, the post says.

To end off the post, Norizam said that as a “grassroots leader” he was glad to see how his brother took charge and applied his knowledge to good use.

He added that Singapore, as a society, needs more of such kind acts like this.

First Aid Is Important

As this incident has shown, first aid is a pretty nifty skill to know.

The good news is, you don’t have to join a “useful” CCA to learn, there are other places you can check out in Singapore to learn some basic first aid skills.

This includes the Singapore Red Cross Society and Singapore Emergency Responder Academy.

Image: Red Cross Society’s website

Depending on your needs, both organisations provide training on life-saving skills such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and child’s first aid.

Note: Some courses are not available due to Covid-19, so do enquire with them should you be keen on certain courses.

With all the negative Covid news appearing on our news feed on a daily basis, hopefully, this kind deed from a young man will warm the cockles of your heart.