2 Men Purposely Kissed Each Other Passionately in the Background During a CNA Live Report


The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening was nothing short of spectacular with the starting animation featuring the various sports, to the light shows and bursts of dazzling shimmers and fireworks.

But perhaps nothing was quite rainbow-sparkly and eye-catching as two men deliberately kissed each other passionately as a Channel NewsAsia (CNA) journalist was reporting on the Olympic games.

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The Heat, The Sparks, The Controversy

Presently, that video with Sia’s Unstoppable playing in the background as the two men fell into each other’s loving embrace has garnered more than 466,200 views on Tiktok.

The entire set-up for the first gay kiss caught on camera in the Capital of China is certainly a sight to behold:

It begins in a pub where an Olympics watch party is occurring.

The Caucasian man was one of the few to notice that the camera was rolling behind them, then he tapped on his Asian partner’s shoulder and glanced behind him.

A look of mutual understanding was exchanged.

The pair proceed to go off-screen, only to reappear seconds later; arms wrapped around each other as they engaged in a passionate kiss that lasted around four seconds.

Image: weibo.com (@麦批传奇谢尔顿)

The real cherry on top?

The sauciest smirk the Chinese man threw straight at the camera lens like he was making a statement before he allows his significant other to take him away by the hand.

Image: weibo.com (@麦批传奇谢尔顿)

The Video Also Went Viral on Weibo

And just to really show how much the Chinese man didn’t care to hide his own sexual orientation, or his love for a man from another ethnicity, he re-posted the CNA video on Weibo with the attached description:

“I made an appearance on camera.”

Image: weibo.com (@麦批传奇谢尔顿)

Likewise, the video has reached over 47,600 views on the Chinese social media platform, with a surprising amount of people showing positive reactions.

Some have even commented that this was the “behaviour of a queen”, which is an online expression for a bold female celebrity with an imposing manner of a queen.

The most liked comment writes: “Showing off a bit of flirtations,” but it should be noted that the word ‘骚’ (sao) has quite a few meanings like being brazen or upsetting.


Meanwhile the comment below that, aptly coming from user called Learning To Kiss Tonight (今晚学接吻), responded with, “This is going beyond flirtations please 😂”

Image: weibo.com

Well, we definitely can’t say that the bold gesture held any scruples or reservations, given the purposeful and drawn-out nature of the moment.

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Making Both History and Future Worries

For the LGBTQ community, especially in China which is still a conservative country despite the pushes towards acceptance and equal rights, some netizens worry for the fate of the two men.

Sure, it is a large stride for a community that the couple dared to show off their love, but it should be noted that this segment was cut away from CNA‘s video for the Beijing Winter Olympics Ceremony on YouTube.

Likewise, China has a history of clamping down these movements, and the best general consensus you can extract from the country is the silent understanding that homosexuality exists—as seen by the burgeoning collection of webnovels involving such pairings—but they mostly prefer to keep it out of public eye.


Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that LGBTQ will ever achieve any sort of open, social acceptance when one of China’s most pressing issues at the moment is its declining birth rates and shrinking workforce.

Nevertheless, kudos to the two men for their unabashed display of affection.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda would say, “Love is love is love is love.”

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Featured Image: Weibo (@麦批传奇谢尔顿)