2 More Cases of Fried Lizard in IRVINS Salted Egg Have Allegedly Been Found Earlier & The Responses Were Different


Just when we reckon that the IRVINS lizard saga has finally concluded with a fairy tale-ending, the past comes beckoning.

For the uninitiated, a lizard was discovered in IRVINS’ signature Salted Egg Fish Skin according to this post by Facebook user Jane Holloway.

After chomping through half the packet’s content, lo-and-behold, a lizard resembling the rightful content was found by her mother and brother amidst the oceanic snack.

My self-entitled colleague, BH, covered the reptilian discovery in this article here, while my other equally self-entitled colleague, GY, covered IRVINS’ exemplary social media response here.

And today, I find myself writing about lizards as well.

Not Jane Holloway’s lizard

As the internet is a place where the dead stays alive, dead and deep-fried lizards can still come back to haunt the living daylights out of you.

Image: Gifer

On the flipside, MJ still kickin’ ass

According to her last and most recent photo posted onto el3na’s Instagram post, on April 12 2018, she had apparently discovered a deep-fried gecko in her IRVINS snack as well.


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@irvinsaltedegg .. on trend with the #crispyrendang.. we got #crispylizard 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

A post shared by @ el3na on

The image, if you can’t see it, is this:

Image: el3na IG post

The lizard from Jane’s Facebook images look like this:

Image: Jane Holloway Facebook Post

There are clearly similarities between both of these ill-fated reptilian friends.

For one, they both look crispy; imo a result of being mortified in perpetuity by the deep-frying process.

Secondly, they both seem to be encrusted in salt/salted eggs, perhaps another tell-tale sign that these folks would probably have the same expiration dates as their accompanying fish skin.

Thirdly, while they look delicious, you’d have to be careful while you’re biting them because the tail looks as sharp as a crooked needle.


el3na’s Back

Lest you were worried that something untoward had happened to el3na after her gecko IG post, a familiar visage graced IRVINS’ Facebook apology post.

Image: IRVINs Facebook Post

That’s right, 9 months after she shared her story on IG, el3na commented on IRVIN’s Facebook, hearkening back to her original post.

In her comment, el3na shared that she too, was offered a refund…

…on the provision that she flew back to Singapore and handed over the gecko-laden package.

While its not clear where el3na is situated at the moment, it is quite likely that she wasn’t/isn’t based in Singapore, despite having made the IRVINS’ purchase here.


In addition, she added that no apologies were proffered to her and expressed hopes that IRVINs would provide a more comprehensive response to her this time round.

Joining the chorus too, are currently two other comments requesting for IRVINs to respond to el3na.

Image: el3na IG post

A Case of One Two Many Lizards

Now, if you has thought that that was the end of my article, think twice.

While trawling the internet pages just because he has no other hobby, Trashy Feed’s resident Sherlock Holmes, GY, stumbled across this noteworthy Twitter thread.

If you can’t see it, here goes:

Image: Twitter/MisheyMaseh thread
Image: Twitter/MisheyMaseh thread
Image: Twitter/MisheyMaseh thread
Image: Twitter/MisheyMaseh thread

In summary:

  1. Twitter user MisheyMaseh, who was/is based in Selangor, purchased a lizard-laden IRVINs snack around September 2018 in Singapore
  2. MisheyMaseh tweeted about it on 1 December 2018
  3. On 3 December 2018, it had appeared that both Mr Irvin (the CEO) & Mr Ivan (the CFO), made their way down to Selangor(?) to meet up with MisheyMaseh
  4. An apology, refund and a new batch of IRVINs products were given to MisheyMaseh
  5. There was also compensation as Mishey Maseh had tweeted; “Do keep in touch & thanks for the compensation.”

Now, this is a lot to take in I know.

Why the the dissimilar responses?

What holds for IRVINs after these same-old-brand-new big reveal?

Do lizard like fish skin too?


When will Goody Feed shift to Yishun?

Only time will tell.