20 Sad Songs 90s Kids listened to When They 失恋 in Secondary School


Last Updated on 2021-10-17 , 12:38 pm

You get it, right? That moment when you’re sad but you have to make yourself “sadder” by listening to heartbreaking songs.

And miraculously, you feel better after hearing them.

Here are the classic 20 amazing hits all 90s kids listen to when they fell out of love once upon a time.

Songs nowadays just don’t make the cut.

5566 – 我难过

Remember MVP 情人? Yes, those were the times you spent your days idolising boy groups and thinking about your love life over their songs. 5566 has now become a 4D number to many, but their songs remain in our heart.

A Lin – 给我一个理由忘记

Aw, this song just tugs at your heartstrings.


JJ Lin – 记得

A song that reminds you of your bittersweet memories. There’s also the A-mei version, but we all #supportlocal and don’t support Apple (if you’ve seen the A-mei version, you’ll understand).

S.H.E – 他还是不懂

Wow, S.H.E just made us feel really old. Gone were the days of their fall-out-of-love songs.

S.H.E – 你最近还好吗

Yes, like when you got past the stage of heartbreak and hating here comes the longing. Then you become desperate after hearing this song.

Jay Chou – 给我一首歌的时间

How unrealistic is it that people can get back together in a song’s time? But then again, it’s JAY CHOU, so whatever.


Jay Chou – 说好的幸福呢

People make promises, people break them. You were young and dumb.

Lee Sheng Jie – 最近

In case you forgot how sad and real this is, here’s part of the lyrics to remind you: 你想要的我却不能给你我全部,我能给的却又不是你想拥有的

Janice – 大哥

This is like the female version of the friendzone. FYI, it’s in Cantonese.

Chen Yi xun – 十年

Translating to Ten Years, this tragic song depicts what happens in both people’s life during ten years – including how people don’t know each other before ten years and how they drift about after a breakup in ten years.

Simple yet powerful.

Rainie Yang – 带我走

We listen to her and love her, but just always forget about her when we think of 90s sad songs. Now, we drink Yeo’s instead (get it?).

Jacky Cheung – 忘记你我做不到

Now, how can we miss out the 90s 歌神?

Westlife – If I let you go

Yes, we’ll not forget the classic English oldies as well. Westlife was everything back then.

Avril Lavigne – When you’re gone

Nobody hates Avril Lavigne. Fullstop.

MLTR – 25 minutes

When you realised you were always one step too late. Just like Justin Bieber. Maybe he was inspired by Michael Learns to Rock after all. And by the way, Michael is still learning how to rock.


Backstreet boys – Show me the meaning of being lonely

You can’t forget about Backstreet Boys either. You’d always loop their playlists when you were young.

S Club 7 – Never had a dream come true

One of the greatest classical hits ever, you either heard this on a school performance, the radio, from your friends’ MP3, your collection of CDs or whatever. Just everywhere in the 90s.

M2M – The day you went away

Your poor heart won’t be able to take two cute angel-like voices singing sad songs. It will. Tear. You. Apart.

Linkin Park – Numb

When your sadness becomes you anger and you go on beast mode. Then you start rapping in your head to Linkin Park.

Linkin Park – In The End

Or you literally shout-rap in your room alone to vent your frustrations, because in the end, here’s the end of the article, and the end of your sadness (hopefully).

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