20 Things to Do in S’pore with Bae That Doesn’t Cost a Cent


Last Updated on 2019-04-29 , 3:51 pm

Going out for a date nowadays in Singapore can be an expensive thing. I believe all of us have tried to figure out ways to spend a day together without the spending much but sadly, it always fails.

Well, if you’re in the same situation, let me tell you 20 really fun things you can do with your bae on our little sunny island that does not cost a thing.

Except, well, for the journey there.

Kite flying at Marina Barrage
Aside from the possible cost of the kite (you might even want to experiment making one yourselves), the flying, the fresh air and the open space are free. You and your bae can run around and not be enclosed in your little spaces for once.

Taking a stroll at Gardens by the Bay
As long as you keep to the ground, you can enjoy strolling together hand in hand without having to fork out a single cent. But of course, if you’ve some spare cash and want to have some nice IG shots, go ahead and step into those paid areas.

Chilling out at Boardwalk
The Boardwalk located between Vivocity and Sentosa is a fantastic place for couples to go to chat, enjoy the sea breeze and catch the occasional fireworks from Sentosa island. Not to mention it’s a IG-worthy background especially when the sun is setting.


Fishing at Bedok Jetty
If you guys happen to have fishing equipment, then this will cost next to nothing. You can spend a whole evening just being there and enjoying the sea breeze and each other’s company – even if you don’t catch any fish.

Taking in a bird’s eye view of Singapore from Mount Faber
Transport for this may be a little challenging but it’s do-able. Best case scenario is if one of you drives – if not, a short hike is not too bad still. Possibly the best place to get a view of our night scene away from the city: It might make the both of you fall in love all over again.

Checking out the Ford Factory museum
Have you heard of this place along Upper Bukit Timah road? Apparently it was where the Japanese surrendered to the British in 1945. The building has been refurbished nicely so you and your bae can spend some time learning about the war and maybe picking up a FREE souvenir or two from the reception at the entrance like old school Styrofoam DIY airplanes and the like. Entry is free, of course.

Enjoying the view at Henderson Waves
Although the view is honestly nothing to cry home about (you can only see the road below and maybe a tiny glimpse of Keppel Bay in the distance), but the atmosphere on the bridge itself is rather romantic. The lights are dim and the seating is comfortable enough for you and your bae to enjoy some couple time and enjoy the night breeze.

Getting onto the guest list to a huge gig at a club
I always do this to clubbing events that peak my interest. Always, always get yourself onto the guest list by RSVP-ing a couple of days before the actual event. Get your other half to RSVP too and dance the night away without having to pay a single cent. Honestly, who’s going to know if you ordered any drinks or not from the bar? Who cares!

Having an intimate chat at Marina Promenade
I love this spot and I know a lot of other couples do too. It’s fantastic for those who happen to work around the CBD and want to have a quiet stroll after work nearby with their beloved while enjoying the night view of The Esplanade, Fullerton and Marina Bay Sands.

Go to the airport and watch the planes take off and land
You might say that this has been done so often it is no longer in style but you have to admit that besides the cost of traveling there, it really doesn’t cost a thing to hang out at the viewing gallery and watch the planes while talking about life in general. It can be very therapeutic. Try it.

Volunteer to help out at adoption drives
If you and your bae are animal lovers, this may just be the thing for you. Adoption organizations are a dime a dozen and many of them are dying to have as many volunteers as they can for their drives and shows. Imagine this, you don’t have to pay anything but you get to have an awesome time with the dogs and/or cats and do something good for the society all at the same time! So cool!

Participate in free exercise classes around the heartlands
I never knew this until just recently but yes! The work out regimes contacted by some heartland GRCs are free! Such a great way to keep fit together for no cost at all and still have fun while you guys are at it. Lest you’re not aware, there are running groups in CBD as well – something to join for free, too!

Go to the beach
Not the beach cafes. Just the beach. Splash in the water, get cosy, do some sun tanning to get that healthy glow and maybe have a nice chat about what you will like to cook for dinner.

Explore the other museums
Besides the Ford Museum, the other museums like Singapore Art Museum also admit Singaporeans and PRs for free all week long. You will be amazed at how much interesting stuff you can see and learn together while you are at it.

Go window-shopping
Possibly the guy’s biggest nightmare but it’s just window shopping so there shouldn’t be any money being forked out. Just ensure your bae doesn’t fork out any too to make it a free day out. Or simply leave your wallet at home (since all we need nowadays is our phone).

Sign up for those free yoga sessions together
You know those that take place in the park? Yep those. Some of them are actually free of charge so take advantage of the opportunity and do some yoga and meditation with your bae. With a peaceful mind and body, you guys might find some further happiness in your relationship.

Go roller blading or cycling together
This is free if you have your own blades or bicycles but the endorphins released from the exercise will do your relationship so much good. If you know what I mean.


Take a stroll through IKEA and plan the design of your future home
It’s just planning, don’t worry. No purchases required for a walk through. This will work well if the both of you are in a very serious relationship heading towards possibly marriage. It’s always good to start planning in advance so that both expectations can be met right?

Walk through a pasar malam
Who doesn’t enjoy a good pasar malam? Tell me. These fairs are literally a part of our childhood, and so are Ramly burgers. Anybody, and I mean anybody, will love walking through one of these, especially the bigger ones, just to get a feel of nostalgia and how it all used to be.

Come up with a game where you and your bae goes in different directions and have to buy something small for each other that represents the both of you. You guys might just learn something more about what you already have.

Take a historic trail walk through Tiong Bahru
Not many people know that we have heritage trails in the old estates in Singapore but yes we do. I know of the one in Tiong Bahru that runs until Leng Kee Road. The trail highlights architecture, businesses and buildings that use to stand in that very spot but have either been rebuilt over or refurbished to fit the modern surroundings. Find out more about our little island city with your bae and then have sudden pop quizzes about what the both of you have learnt.

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