21 Old TVB Dramas With Full Episodes Available For Free On YouTube

Image: TVB Drama YouTube Channel


Before Korean dramas and Taiwanese idol dramas, we had TVB dramas. Action, love, family, everything we know, we learnt from Hong Kong.

So if you’re a 90’s kids looking to walk down memory lane by rewatching old TVB dramas, or a millennial looking for some good old school action, you’re going to want to know this.

There Are Full Episodes Of Old TVB Dramas On YouTube

That’s right, no more pesky monthly subscriptions to pay. It’s all totally free.

But hey, if you want this good thing to remain? Watch through the ads too so they can earn some money.

And the best part? You can take your time to go through them because, well, they’re not illegally uploaded.

After all, they’re uploaded by TVB themselves.

Everything’s legal so the only way the videos go offline is if the YouTube channel decides to remove them.

Image: YouTube

21 retro dramas uploaded onto the channel:

  • Revelation of the Last Hero (风之刀)
  • Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒)
  • Forensic Heroes II (法證先鋒 II)
  • Happy Ever After (金玉满堂)
  • One Step Beyond (老友鬼鬼)
  • The Greed of Man (大时代)
  • Dark Tales (聊斋)
  • Seven Sisters (七姊妹)
  • The Legendary Ranger (原振侠)
  • Gods of Honour (封神榜)
  • Square Pegs (戆夫成龙)
  • Detective Investigation Files (刑事侦缉档案)
  • Can’t Buy Me Love (公主嫁到)
  • A Pillow Case of Mystery(施公奇案)
  • Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆)
  • The Four (少年四大名捕)
  • Devil’s Disciples (强剑)
  • Love Is Beautiful (无头东宫)
  • A Step into the Past (寻秦记)
  • Looking Back in Anger (义不容情)
  • War of the Genders (男亲女爱)

And they’re all in Cantonese, none of that Chinese dub you see on local channels.

Some TVB Dramas Worth Checking Out

Here are two TVB dramas that caught our eyes after the folks from MSNews wrote about them.


Great story, romance, comedy and Louis Khoo, what other reason do you need, right?

Action: A Step into the Past (寻秦记)

Timetravel is always a great plot device to use. After all, how will a modern man fit into the past? Or vice versa?

Image: Baidu

This TVB drama about an HK police officer travelling back in time to the warring states and appearing in significant world-changing events.

And all he wanted to do was to get his ex-girlfriend back.

40 episodes, all fully available on TVB YouTube channel for your enjoyment.

Romance: Can’t Buy Me Love (公主嫁到)


Want something lighthearted and romantic? Can’t Buy Me Love is about a spoilt princess who was forced into an arranged marriage a man.

Watch their shenanigans and how the relationship progressed through the episodes and shed a tear as the princess eventually made a noble sacrifice for her husband’s family.

Image: Giphy

You can find their YouTube channel here.

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