22-Year-Old Woman Who Went Missing At Little Guilin Might Have Faked Her Own Disappearance

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Yesterday, we reported that the 22-year-old woman Cai Yen Ling was found unconscious at Little Guilin.

Image: Facebook

It was unclear how she ended up in that state but here’s the plot twist: It is now believed that she might have faked and acted out her disappearance.

Fabricated Story To Hide The Truth

According to an update by Lianhe Wanbao, it is believed that Cai was with a friend for the three days she was assumed missing to handle some personal matters.

Unbeknownst to her, her family thought that she had gone missing. They put a notice on Facebook and even filed a missing person report.

The Chinese paper understands that Cai created the story of fainting in Little Guilin to cover her tracks and avoid being criticised by her family if they knew the truth.

Deliberately Injured Herself

Cai reportedly injured herself by falling and was sent to the National University Hospital by a friend.

The hospital then contacted her family where her mother was informed of the situation.

After investigations, the police have confirmed that no crimes were involved in this incident.

Additionally, they reportedly verified the truth behind her “disappearance”.

No Memory Of The Incident

Her mother told Lianhe Wanbao that after regaining consciousness her daughter had asked: “Why am I here?”

Cai had told her mother that she had alighted near their house at Bukit Batok Avenue 5.

She was later “pulled forward” by someone and kept walking forward.

Cai claimed that she had no memories of what happened next.

Seeing that her daughter was not in a good mood, she had not pressed further.

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What Truly Matters

Any parent would be overjoyed when their missing children are found.

Cai’s father is no exception.

“Nothing else matters other than she’s back home.”

He has sincerely expressed that for the past few days, the family was in turmoil as they did not have a clear understanding of the situation.

“Now that my daughter is back home, everything else does not matter. We will find a chance to talk about this.”

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Summary of Events

Last Thursday (3 Sept), 22-year-old Cai was reported missing by her family when she did not return home.

That was after she sent her family a Whatsapp text that she was on the way home.


Her mother called her phone and said that it was a man who picked up the phone instead of her daughter.

He told her that he found her phone in a car and would hand the phone over to the police before hanging up the phone and turning it off.

Madam Cai also tried contacting her daughter’s friends but no one knew where she was.

In a later report, a member of the public found Yen Ling’s body covered with leaves leaving only her feet exposed. She was taken to the hospital shortly afterwards.

At about 10pm on Monday (7 Sept), her mother received a call from the National University Hospital, informing her that her daughter had been admitted for treatment.


It was only at around 3am the next day when Madam Cai was able to see her daughter, who she described as having a swollen face and having scratches over her body.

At that time, Cai was still unconscious and scheduled for a CAT scan.