Flash Floods Occurred This Morning Again as Water Levels Reached 90% in Certain Drains & Canals


A few days ago, the clouds unleashed an ungodly amount of water over Singapore, causing flooding in several areas.

One particular junction in Pasir Ris was so heavily flooded that cars were partially submerged under the 1-m deep water and had to wait in the middle of the road until things cleared up.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was called in to evacuate five people from vehicles at the junction, while another 25 motorists and passengers self-evacuated.

We thought the worst was over, but just four days later, the floods returned.

Flash Floods Occurred This Morning Again as Water Levels Reached 90% in Certain Drains & Canals

If you left your house this morning, depending on where you live, it might have looked like there was a massive spillage of Iced Milo all over the roads.

That would certainly be a nice alternative, but the reality is that heavy rains caused flash floods once again.

In a post on Facebook, PUB said water levels in drains and canals have reached 90% in several areas due to the downpour.

As a result, it urged residents to avoid the following areas due to the high flood risk:

  • Upp Bt Timah Road, from Hazel Park Terrace to Chestnut Drive
  • Woodlands Road/KJE
  • Sime Darby Centre
  • Sunset Drive/Sunset Way
  • Dunearn Road (Sime Darby to Binjai Park)

At around 10:08 am, PUB said the roads at Dunearn Road (Sime Darby to Binjai Park) were not passable due to flooding.

Fortunately, the flooding there has since subsided.

Floods So Forceful, They Swept Some Road Barriers Away

Videos of the floods soon made their way online, many of them showing flooded walkways and roads along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Floods were so forceful along that road that they even swept away at least three road barriers.

Thundery Showers to Continue For Rest of August

If you’re working from home and don’t have to worry about having your car or lower limbs submerged in water every time you go out, you’ll be happy to know that this wet weather will continue for the rest of August.


On 16 Aug, the Meteorological Service Singapore said that short thundery showers are expected in the afternoon on most days in the second half of the month, and could extend into the evening on a few days.

Moderate to heavy showers are also expected on a few days throughout the country.

Despite the continuous wet weather, temperatures could still go up to 34°C on a few days.

Only in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Steve Tan)