24YO Chinese Woman Proposes To Boyfriend With A House & BMW Car


It’s 2019! With 2020 just looming around the corner, gender norms are changing.

It’s time for a change- girls can do what guys can do and vice versa.

This one woman in China proved the point- by getting down on one knee to propose to her boyfriend in style.

I can hear the sighs of frustration.

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“Haiya now I need to think of something that can top this proposal”

Proposed On Their One-Year Anniversary

Xiaojing, 24, had hatched a plan to propose to her boyfriend, Xiaoke.

She wanted to propose to him at a cultural exhibition in Henan where he had first asked her out.


On the big day, Xiaojing told Xiaoke that she needed him to pick something up for her at the exhibition hall.

This was part of her plan. Xiaojing had already arranged for the place to be decorated with balloons and she would be waiting there in a bridal gown.

How romantic. 


Turned It Up A Notch 

If you think the proposal included just some balloons, flowers and Xiaojing herself in a bridal gown, think again.

Hidden in the bouquet that she presented to Xiaoke were keys to a car and a house deed.

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And in her own words, she said “It doesn’t matter if you have them or not, I still want to be with you. Will you marry me?”

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He Said Yes!

When you’re lucky enough to be with a woman who is not afraid to be herself, it’s easy to say yes to the ring. And to the woman.

Xiaoke was in shock when she asked.

“This is so unexpected. Yes, I will,” Xiaoke replied.

Why She Wanted To Propose Instead 

Some girls dream of their perfect proposal- Prince charming riding up in a white horse before getting on one knee to propose while fireworks explode in the background to spell “I love you”.

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But for Xiaojing, all the romantic wanted was to create a special memory for both of them.

Her family had helped with the surprise by sponsoring the house and the car, Xiaojing confessed.


However, money isn’t important to her- More than material goods, she longs for love.

“What I want — more than material goods — is love. I don’t think that it always has to be the man in the relationship providing [a house and car]. More than that, I want him to be devoted and caring after our marriage.” said Xiaojing.

Queue the “awws”. 

More Gender Norms To Be Challenged In 2020? 

Back in July, a Singaporean lady also challenged gender norms and proposed in front of over 50,000 people to her boyfriend during the Manchester United vs Inter Milan match at the Singapore Sports Hub.

It is certainly heartening to see people stepping out of gender expectations set up by society. Hopefully, there would be more stories like this in 2020!

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