25 Things Flight Attendants Hate Passengers Doing, But People Still Do Them

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Travel and flights tend to bring out the worst in people. It’s very easy to feel entitled when you paid a lot of money for the plane ride, and it’s what the flight attendants are supposed to do anyway. It’s their job.

Unfortunately, not everything is their job, and working on a plane every day does not mean they deserve to deal with your shit.

Here are 25 things you may or may not have done, but the flight attendants definitely hate, and definitely experienced before.

1. Acting entitled

Stop trying to sneak into a free upgrade. You didn’t pay for it.

2. Not greeting

Just a simple ‘hello’ would suffice. They stand at the entrance every day greeting everyone, and you can’t even greet once?

3. Hogging the overhead compartments

Buddy, small bags below the seat, not in the overhead compartments. There are other passengers with their own bags on the plane.

4. Not listening to the safety presentation

Pretty sure you’re taught to give basic respect to the person presenting in class by paying attention, so do that on a plane as well, please.

5. Not taking responsibility for your luggage

You’re supposed to put your own bags up into the compartments, not the attendants. Not even when it’s ‘too heavy’.

6. Bad timing

Stop passing trash to attendants when they’re trying to hand out food, or pushing the drinks cart.

7. Asking what they have

There’s literally a menu right in front of everyone. Read that instead of wasting the attendant’s time.

8. Putting your feet up

Ew. Why? Would you like a foot near your face?

9. Not specifying how you take your coffee

Every time the attendants ask if a passenger wants sugar or milk, they die a little inside. You try asking hundreds of people a day the same question that everyone could just answer without being asked.

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10. Keeping your headphones on

It’s rude when people talk to you and you keep your headphones on, and it’s not any less rude to do the same to flight attendants.

11. Occupying the toilets when the plane is descending

Don’t stay in the toilets when the plane is descending. That leads to delays.

12. Touching flight attendants to get their attention

If it annoys you to get poked or tugged, imagine getting poked or tugged hundreds of times a day. Just say “excuse me, miss”.

13. Ringing the call button unnecessarily and at bad times

Don’t ring the bell when the attendants are supposed to be seated as well. Their safety is not any less important than yours.

14. Snapping your fingers to get their attention

Seriously, just say “excuse me”. Is it that hard to not be rude?

15. Going to the toilet when the seatbelt sign is on

Hold it. If you can’t, why did you wait till the last minute to go?

16. Going barefoot

Ew again. Do you really want to step on who knows what in the toilet with your bare feet?

17. Doing goddamn yoga

Please don’t do this in the galley, or anywhere for that matter. Don’t occupy the galley unnecessarily, as that’s the only place the attendants have.

18. Getting upset with attendants for things that aren’t their fault

Delays are not their fault. Cancellations are not their fault either. Remember, they’re delayed along with you.

19. Getting upset when you don’t get your first meal choice

They’re not the ones who stocked the plane, and sometimes this happens. It’s not like if you scream at them they can magically bring you what you want out of nothing.

20. Expecting flight attendants to know everything the captain knows

They’re not going to know how exactly the weather is, or why there’s a delay. If they did, don’t you think they’ll be sitting in the cockpit instead?

21. Clipping your toenails

Just… Seriously, what’s with people and their disgusting habits on planes?

22. Watching porn

Technically not illegal, but come on (pun unintended).

23. Bringing your own alcohol to drink

Sure, you could do that, but the flight attendant needs to know so they wouldn’t end up overserving you alcohol, in a sealed metal tube, thousands of meters in the air.

24. Trying to get free stuff

Stop trying to get free drinks every time something didn’t go as planned. The delay is not their fault, and they’re not going to give you a free drink for that.

25. Asking for a pen

You know you’re going to have to fill in the immigration card. Unless it’s your first time and nobody told you, why don’t you travel with a pen?

Flight attendants are people too, and deserve the same respect as anyone else. Please don’t let your travel blues, or your bad temper affect them, even if they’re trained to deal with you.

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