26YO Admin Of SG Nasi Lemak Replied To Dee Kosh Defending Chat Group; Didn’t Bother To Hide Identity


Unless you’re a koala that sleeps too often to keep up with current affairs, you’re probably aware of the controversy surrounding the Telegram group SG Nasi Lemak.

But if you are a koala reading this, let me first congratulate you on being awake and acquiring literacy before I tell you more about this repulsive group.

SG Nasi Lemak, Ruining Nasi Lemak Since 2019

SG Nasi Lemak is a Telegram group chat used by Singaporeans to upload and share photos of women without their consent.

While it’s primarily used to share pornographic content, it’s also used to sell vape devices and juices, sexual services, and sexual enhancement drugs.

The lewd content included pictures of unsuspecting women on public transport, screenshots from Instagram, and nudes.

Some nudes of young Malay women were even turned into custom Telegram sticker packs.

Yes, these people are revolting.

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SG Nasi Lemak’ Administrators Found And Charged

Thankfully, the police found the four men running the group and arrested them. They will be charged in court on 22 Oct and could face jail terms of up to three months, fines, or both.

Only three months?

More than 10 electronic devices including a central processing unit, a laptop, a hard disk, and several mobile phones were also seized, reported TODAYonline.

Administrator Defends Telegram Group

This uploading and sharing of women’s pictures seem indefensible, but one administrator, Leonard Teo Min Xuan, tried to defend it anyway.

Teo responded to a tweet by Dee Kosh, who condemned the group and its creators.

It’s hard to disagree with that, right?

Image: Twitter (@TheDeeKosh)

Is it even possible to have a mature discussion about such a group? It’s a bit like saying, Yes, I murdered several people for fun, but let’s have a mature discussion about serial killing. 

Teo defended his group after it had been flagged online and reported on by many news outlets.

But that wasn’t enough for him.

According to Mothership,  on 2 October, Teo tweeted a photo of a plate of nasi lemak and asked if he should close the Telegram group. He also accused his detractors of “mob justice” and being “SJW”, which stands for social justice warriors.

The post has since been removed.

We’re not sure how the police found the administrators, but we’re certainly glad they did.

Now, if you’re a man, you might be thinking What’s so bad about the group? Isn’t it just like porn?


Well, I’ll let this Twitter user explain things to you:

Image: Twitter (@TheDeeKosh)

As this Twitter user explains, porn actors do things they consented to. These girls, on the other hand, did not consent to having their pictures taken, nor having their nudes shared.

If you’re still unconvinced, try empathizing this for a change: How would you feel if this happened to your girlfriend, sister, or friend?

There will always be creeps like these four SG Nasi Lemak administrators. But if you follow such groups, you’re just as bad because you’re encouraging them to spread more photos.

Think about the women in the photos, guys, not just your own pleasure.

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