26YO News Anchor Sacrifices Herself & Dies In House Fire To Save Parents

Image: Sydney Today

What would you do for your parents? Would you work hard to secure a good job that would financially provide for them when they’re old?

Or would you die in a raging fire just so you could ensure that they survived?

26YO News Anchor Sacrifices Herself & Dies In House Fire To Save Parents

Image: Sydney Today

That’s what this 26-year-old woman did. A 26-year-old female news anchor passed away in a fire that engulfed her home in Hong Kong.

The incident happened on 7 November at around 4am.

The beautiful lady who perished in the fire was a popular news anchor named Zeng Yingxin who is known for her sweet and bubbly personality.

Image: Sin Chew

The Fire

Image: Sydney Today

A fire was reported to have broken out on the ninth floor of an apartment in Shatin, Hong Kong. The firefighters were informed of the incident and reached the scene in just five minutes.

Unfortunately, though they arrived quickly, the fire was out of control. Zeng reportedly could have survived the fire, but she ran into her parents’ room to wake them up so they could get out safely.

It is unclear why she ran back to her room after, but by the time the firefighters could get to her, they only found a “burnt and charred female body”.

They only managed to save her parents who suffered smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and investigation is underway.

Well Liked By Colleagues

Image: Sydney Today

Zeng was well-liked by colleagues and friends who have said that they miss her very much.

It was reported that she was dedicated and passionate about her job as a news anchor.

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She is truly beautiful inside and out and will be missed. We hope that her parents can move on from this incident and find peace.