Pink Dot Rally Will Still Go On, Not at Hong Lim Park But On Their Website on 27 June

I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with the Pink Dot Rally.

If not, you can learn something new today.

Pink Dot SG is an event that takes place every year at Hong Lim Park, in the Speakers’ Corner.

The event celebrates and shows support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities and celebrates the freedom to love.

Image: The Finder

The event is usually held in May, June or July with this year’s originally set on 27 June.

However, the event is now cancelled since COVID-19 doesn’t allow for such outdoor events anymore.

Or, at least, the original offline event was cancelled.

Taking It Online

When there’s the internet, there’s a way.

According to Today Online, organisers said that the yearly event will resume.

Only this time things will be a bit more digital.

Image: The Honeycombers

Despite not being at their former location since 2009, the event will now be live-streamed on the same date it was supposed to run from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Organisers also say the event will feature performances by various homegrown artistes, animated short films, a documentary and music video as well as a digital light-up.

Things like the animations will showcase experiences of LGBTQ in Singapore. The documentary will also centre on a queer family during the pandemic.

They even managed to get local artistes like Charlie Lim and Joanna Dong into the mix!

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Getting General Public Involved

But of course, the event isn’t just limited to those of the LGBTQ community and organisers are encouraging everyone to join in.

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How? By decorating your homes and businesses with pink lights this month.

Image: HoneyKids Asia

Other ways include heading over to their website and drop an encouraging note or two.

That’s not the end of it! The notes will gather to form a digital Singapore map at the end of the live stream.

Mr Paerin Choa, a spokesperson for Pink Dot SG, said he hoped that through all the participation, they “can still foster a spirit of the community during these difficult times and be there for one another.”

Tight Restrictions Even In Phase One

Events like Pink Dot are affected all around due to the pandemic. Going online definitely helps keep spirits high while being safe.

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Circuit Breaker is also ending, but that doesn’t mean Phase One allows us to go out much for recreation.

For example, libraries and other art facilities are still closed for the duration.


However, if we’re well behaved enough maybe Phase 2 will be in place before the end of June, albeit still with restrictions like small social gatherings.

We hope that Pink Dot this year can run smoothly even with the huge move to an online platform.

Stay strong.


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