Minister Wong: Phase 2 Could Happen Before End of June & Gathering Size Capped at 5


Today is full of good news.

For a start, MOH reported that there is no Singaporean or Singapore PR case today; the last time we heard something like that, it was back on 23 February 2020, when Circuit Breaker is a box and not something that’ll land people in jail for eating chendol in a hawker centre.

And today, the face of the fight against COVID-19 also provided us with more details about Phase Two—the real Circuit Breaker breaker.

Minister Wong: Phase 2 Could Happen Before End of June & Gathering Size Capped at 5

In a media briefing today, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong updated us about Phase Two.

Lest you’ve forgotten, Phase One would last for 4 to 6 weeks, and it’s almost like an extension of Circuit Breaker except that schools would reopen while some adults can resume work.

Other than that, shops remain closed and dating couples remain separated.

The multi-ministry task force will be monitoring the situation in the first two weeks of June when 75% of the economy can resume work.


He added, “If community transmission remains low and stable, then we will decide by the middle of June on whether we want to take the next step of moving to Phase Two, and that means Phase Two could happen before the end of June.”

It’s the same as what they’ve promised: 4 to 6 weeks of Phase One. So what gives?

The key takeaways are that firstly, it might be 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks.

And secondly, we would know by mid-June on when we can finally have chendol in a hawker centre.


This is in tandem with how the Singapore authorities often do things: plan aggressively and inform early so that we can plan accordingly.

Like, I don’t know, food delivery riders to look for new jobs because demand for food delivery will be reduced?

Phase Two is bigly as it means that retail shops can finally be opened.

Most importantly, you can finally have bak kut teh without worrying about going to jail, though there’s a cap of 5 people a table.

Some High-Risk Places Might Not Reopen Immediately on Phase Two Yet

Phase Two is known as “Safe Transitioning” and it’s not a new normal yet; the new normal is reserved for Phase Three, aptly called “Safe Nation”.

Therefore, places like museums, libraries, cinemas, theatres, religious functions, bars, clubs and parks might not reopen immediately.

Mr Wong said, “All of these venues, based on our experience and overseas experience, have been instances where there have been cases of transmissions in such settings, and so we want to take a more cautious approach for activities in these areas to resume.

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“We will begin conversations and discussions with businesses and organisations across these different settings on the safeguards and safe management measures that will be needed.

“Subject to these being in place, we will then discuss with the entities on the exact timing of when they can resume activities within Phase Two. So they may not all resume at the start of Phase Two, but if they have the safeguards and precautions in place, they can resume later but still within Phase Two.”

Phase Two is expected to last for a few months.


Now, moving on to the most pressing question: would you still be charged for breaking Circuit Breaker rules if you’re like these 11 youths who went to Boon Lay Shopping Centre for a “settlement talk”?

Yes, because the cap for social interaction is 5 people.

But you won’t be charged if you meet your boyfriend at Clementi, like this poor lady.

Unless you have 5 boyfriends. Then they might charge at you like those youths instead.

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