Everything About the 28th COVID-19 Death in S’pore, a 64YO S’pore PR Who Was in ICU

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On 12 Oct 2020, Singapore reported its 28th Covid-19 death, 3 months since the 27th death.

Since 5 Aug 2020, there have been no patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Things changed on 7 Oct 2020, however, when a 64-year-old Singapore PR, case 57960, was transferred and warded in the ICU in critical condition.

First To Be Warded In ICU Since 5 Aug 2020

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), he has been working in India since December 2019.

He returned to Singapore on 23 Sep 2020 and was placed on Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) upon arrival.

On 30 Sep 2020, he had an onset of symptoms and was confirmed to be infected on 4 Oct 2020.

3 days later, he had to be transferred to the ICU in critical condition.

And five days later on 12 Oct 2020, the man, unfortunately, passed away.

The man has a history of hypertension (high-blood pressure) and passed away due to complications arising from Covid-19.

The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is currently reaching out to his family to offer their assistance, MOH says.

Vulnerable Groups 

There are two groups of people in Singapore who are exceptionally vulnerable to Covid-19.

One is the elderly, whose risk of death increases exponentially with age. This is why, during the early stages of Covid-19, the Singapore government barred visitors from nursing homes.

The other, which has less attention paid to them, are people with underlying medical conditions.

According to the CDC, heart conditions, type 2 diabetes, and smoking can lead to serious illness from Covid-19.

Overall Situation In S’pore

As of 12 Oct 2020, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore has risen to 57,880.

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4 new Covid-19 infections were reported yesterday (12 Oct).

There is one case in the community, a 1-year-old girl who is linked to a previously-confirmed Covid-19 case and has been placed on quarantine earlier.

There are two imported cases:

  • A 26-year-old Singapore PR who travelled back to Singapore from the Philippines
  • A 29-year-old work pass holder who has travel history to India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Both were placed on SHN upon arrival in Singapore.

The remaining case is a migrant worker residing in a dormitory and was a contact of a previously-confirmed case.

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He has been placed on quarantine earlier.

The average number of new cases in the community has dropped from 1 per day to fewer than 1 per day over the past week.


The average number of unlinked cases has dropped as well, from fewer than 1 per day to none in the past week.

23 more Covid-19 cases were discharged from the hospitals and community care facilities (CCFs), leading the number of recovered patients to 57,728.

48 cases are still in hospitals but none are in the ICU. There are another 76 Covid-19 patients being cared for at CCFs.

The number of deaths due to Covid-19, unfortunately, has increased to 28.

You can help keep the virus at bay by downloading the TraceTogether app. For more info about the app, watch this video to the end: